New Year’s message: South Kesteven Labour Group leader Coun Charmaine Morgan

Coun Charmaine Morgan
Coun Charmaine Morgan
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Councillor Charmaine Morgan writes:

We stand on the edge of a pivotal time in our history.

Do we work together to build on the work of a century to improve the quality of life for all? Or, do we become the divided and fragmented society of the Victorian era where the ‘progress’ of some was at a terrible cost to many?

There is a danger, as we squabble over regulations within the EU, that the peaceful purpose of the EU is forgotten. There is also a danger as we look at our national budget deficit, that in tackling the deficit too quickly we undermine the vital services that we are all reliant upon – especially our most vulnerable people.

We are being offered a way forward which will add to the suffering and abject poverty of public service cuts and welfare reforms put in place by those far removed from austerity themselves. We are also being offered an alternative way forward. We can tackle our national deficit more slowly whilst delivering a fairer society that re-distributes wealth to protect our key public services and support economic growth.

We can chose to have a living wage and more homes, as we consider which path we will take I hope that we will consider the impact on others in our community with wisdom and compassion, so we may all truly have a happy New Year.