Newton’s 400-year-old apple tree is kept safe by a willow barrier

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A PROTECTIVE shield has been placed around the famous apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor to keep it safe for years to come.

The 400-year-old apple tree in the grounds of the manor is said to have inspired Grantham’s famous son Isaac Newton to discover the theory of gravity.

So to keep it green and growing for many more years to come, staff at the National Trust property, near Colsterworth, have built a willow guard around its base.

Conservation manager Margaret Winn said: “The tree is getting on for 400 years old and we wanted to protect it from the feet of our 33,000 visitors a year.”

A firm in Exeter was asked to build the barrier low in height, to give the roots protection without preventing visitors seeing the famous apple tree clearly.

Mrs Winn said: “They worked on site while we were open to the public – there was a lot of interest.”

It is believed Isaac Newton came up with the theory of gravity after watching an apple fall from the tree in the grounds of the manor, in which he was born in 1642.