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Grantham MP moves on 'assisted dying'

Grantham MP Nick Boles has made a plea for ‘assisted dying’ to be legalised.

The 52-year-old has written in his book ‘Square Deal’ of his own illness and the death of his father aged 88in saying why he has changed his mind on the issue.

The MP said he shares concerns that people with terminal illnesses may feel pressuredto end their lives if they feel they are a burden.

He contrasted the ‘good’ death of his father, who could prepare for the end,with what may have happened had his cancer become terminal.

“I would want control,” he said. “I had a deep fear that it might spread to my brain and destroy my mental grasp before it killed me. If it had come to that, I know that I would have wanted the opportunity to make an active choice while I was still capable of doing so.”

Mr Boles said he did not support euthanasia, where a doctor helps in the act, or assisted suicide, where people have no terminal illness. He wanted “strict limits” as set out in a bill by Lord Falconer in 2014, with a High Court Judge determining if someone with a terminal illness had looked at the alternatives and made a clear and informed decision.

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