Nick Boles on wind turbines: ‘We should not be riding roughshod over people’s concerns’

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Planning Minister and MP for Grantham Nick Boles has again made comments in support of anti-wind farm campaigners in a letter leaked to the Daily Telegraph.

In the letter to fellow Conservative MP John Hayes Mr Boles said: “We should be working with communities rather than seemingly riding roughshod over their concerns.”

Mr Boles said that “wind farms are not appropriate in all settings”.

He added: “Proposals allowed on appeal by planning inspectors can be bitterly resented.

“We have been very clear that the Government’s policies on renewable energy are no excuse for building

wind farms in the wrong places.

“We need a package of measures that can command broad public support which is consistent with our emphasis on local and neighbourhood planning which puts local communities in the driving seat. We should be quite clear that local communities and their accountable councils can produce their own distinctive plans to help shape where developments should and should not take place.”

Last month Mr Boles suggested wind turbines should not be built less than 1.4 miles from homes.