No arrests but a number of warnings given, says police superintendent

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Protests in Grantham went largely without trouble today, although several warnings were given to people using bad language.

Superintendent Phil Vickers confirmed no arrests were made during the march and demonstrations on St Peter’s Hill this afternoon, but a number of incidents were reported and warnings given as a result.

A strong police presence in Grantham during demonstrations. 1001D(b)

A strong police presence in Grantham during demonstrations. 1001D(b)

He said: “We’ve had a number of incidents where people have been warned about their behaviour but, in fairness, because we’ve been working with organisers in advance so that they understood exactly what was acceptable and what would not be, people were warned about their behaviour and it was not necessary to take any further action.

“Concerns have been, basically, about language that was used and, sometimes, the volume as well.

“It’s a normal Saturday afternoon here so shoppers want to be able to continue about their business and it’s about maintaining the parameters that we have agreed with those organisers in advance.”

Supt Vickers was speaking after the event in Grantham town centre, which drew a crowd of several hundred onlookers eager not to miss the action.

The majority of police officers drafted in – some from neighbouring forces in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire – will now be returning to their bases.

However, a stronger police presence will remain in Grantham this evening and overnight as a precaution.