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No relief from the noise for me

I read the article (Journal, April 12) about the noise from Sainsbury’s which is making life unbearable for people in Dudley Road.

Leah Phillips moved to Dudley Road four years ago and noticed the noise right away. Sainsbury’s have said they now know about the noise and will do something to stop it. So Dudley Road residents will get relief.

So Ms Phillips has been there four years. I’ve been living above Notion’s Antiques in the High Street for seven years; if I had known the circumstances of living here I would never have touched this place. I wish I’d never heard of it.

Letters (8835878)
Letters (8835878)

Noise from The Black Dog (although it’s not been noisy recently), horrendous noise (discos) from The Angel and Royal diagonally below me.

But, worst of all, and this goes on 24 hours a day, every day... the racket, the deliberate racket from the souped-up engines from cars and motorbikes using Watergate as a racetrack, trying to make as much noise as they can.

Nothing can be done about it. I can’t move anywhere else - just now. There are other flats available in quieter areas, but I can’t afford the rent.

My landlord has, fortunately, never increased the rent, even after seven years. But I am desperate to get away from this area.

And I am relieved that the racket (because that’s all it is, it can’t be called music) from the fair has gone.

William Johnston

High Street, Grantham

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