Norah is still making the headlines on her 106th

Nora Hardwick celebrated her 106th birthday this week. Photo: 975B
Nora Hardwick celebrated her 106th birthday this week. Photo: 975B
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EVERGREEN Norah Hardwick celebrated her 106th birthday on Monday, receiving dozens of messages and presents from well-wishers - including the Queen.

Norah used to write the news when she was the Grantham Journal’s Ancaster village correspondent, once providing a great scoop when her son-in-law saved a man from drowning.

But nowadays she is far more likely to make the news.

The Ancaster centenarian became something of a celebrity after featuring in a risque charity calendar four years ago.

The news made national and international headlines and saw Norah appear on numerous television programmes including Jay Leno in the United States.

This week her birthday was featured in the Daily Mirror.

Norah said: “I’ve had so many cards - I even got another from the Queen. She’s had a different picture taken this year.

“I told everyone that I didn’t want any presents this year but they all brought whiskey. I only have a little hot toddy when I go to bed but seeing all this whiskey, anyone would think I’m an alcoholic!”

Norah is an incredibly popular figure in Ancaster, having lived in the village since 1933.

She said: “I love living in Ancaster. I would never want to live anywhere else.”

Nora celebrated her 106th birthday with a meal at The Farrier on Sunday followed by a family get together on Monday.

Recently Nora has had to curtail some of her duties in the village as age finally begins to catch up. Last year she was forced to give up driving.

Norah said: “I could still drive now,. It’s just getting from the house to the car that’s the problem.”