Not convinced turbines are built for right reasons

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I have read with interest the comments about Wind Turbines.

I have travelled around Europe, and very few turbines appear to be built close to housing - other than the farmer who probably sold or permitted them to be built on his land.

I was interested to read the piece by Alison Robson, as I was not aware there are any further plans for a Wind Farm at Allington, other than an individual turbine at a local farm.

In my opinion, Alison is wrong on a number of levels. People are not afraid of change, Alison. What people object to is the waste of their taxes on systems that are unproven!

These wind turbines are fine if they are placed in a windy spot. Sadly, many companies are having to build them very tall in order to catch any wind. Furthermore, how green is it to have these machines built overseas and shipped to the UK?

I have done a lot of reading on these turbines, both pros and cons, and have yet to be convinced of their efficiency.

The reason there are so many applications for the installation of wind turbines, is money.

If you truly want green energy, then every house built should automatically have solar panels on the roof.