Not singing our anthem is a national disgrace

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When I was a kid in the 1950s our schools taught us the National Anthem. I know the words by heart. I can also remember the National Anthem always being played after the very last TV programme, and after the last film at the cinema.

However, I recently asked my grandchildren, aged 10 and 12 and both at schools in Grantham, whether they ever sang the National Anthem at school. They informed me that the schools do not teach the Nation Anthem. Neither of them know the words.

Am I correct in believing that our schools don’t teach kids the National Anthem?

Can this be right and proper? Have our politicians and educationalists decided that our children, the future adults of our country, should not be taught our national song?

We have the Diamond Jubilee coming up soon so if our children are called upon to sing it on the day, none of them will be able to.

I intend to telephone the Head Teacher of my grandkids’ school and ask him why this is so, and if he intends to set about teaching the kids the words.

I suggest anyone who feels as strongly as I do about this contacts their kids’ schools to ask what their policy is, and if anything is going to be done to rectify the situation.

A Widdowson

The Belfry, Grantham