Oasby’s traditional ‘Baboon Night’ is this Friday

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Friday night is ‘Baboon Night’ in Oasby, where the traditional act of throwing a baboon over the roof of the Houblon Inn pub will be kept.

Each year, villagers hold the ceremony to commemorate the 18th Century tragedy of Viscount Conningsby, who was killed by a baboon at Culverthorpe Hall when he was six months old.

Oasby residents now remember the event by marching around the village with flaming torches as they herd a villager dressed as an ape to the pub.

At the pub, the landlord bars the mob entry until an effigy of a baboon is thrown over the roof. Only then can villagers enter the pub.

Other activities on the night will include live music and a hog roast, with donations being collected for Children in Need.

The procession begins at 7pm.