Obituary: David Magan

Obituary: David Magan
Obituary: David Magan
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Mr David William Magan, of Ash Close, Fulbeck, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 72.

Born in Caythorpe in October 1940, he was the son of Alfred and Rose Magan and the youngest of their five children. His siblings are Fred, George, Christine and Kathleen.

In 1980 he married Valerie and they had three daughters, Rebecca, Stacey-Jayne and Hayley. He also has five other daughters, Sally, Sharon, Donna, Dawn and Lorna and 19 grandchildren, Tamara, Tammy-Lee, Natasha, Emma-Leigh, Jessica, Oliver, Kiera, Tazmyn-Jade, Riley, Ethan, Matilda, Alfred, Samuel, Sophie, Isaac, Faith, Isabelle, Felicity and Jack Dawson.

Mr Magan was a stonemason. He loved to buy old barns and turn them into beautiful new homes.

In his younger years he was a keen darts player and won many trophies.

The Rev Barbara Hancock conducted the funeral service at St Nicholas Church, Fulbeck. Burial followed in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Valerie Magan, Rebecca and Russell Maksymiw-Magan, Kiera Maksymiw-Magan, Tazmyn-Jade Maksymiw-Magan, Riley Maksymiw-Magan, Matilda Maksymin-Magan, Alfred Maksymin-Magan, Stacey-Jayne Magan, Edward Steer, Hayley Magan, Dan Sullivan, Sally Magan, Natasha Pledge, Emma-Leigh Magan, Sharon Magan, Tamara Magan, Tammy-Lee Downs, Donna Smith, Oliver Smith, Dawn and Peter Stokes, Lorna and Richard Pinner, Helen and Michael Sumner, Stephen Harris, Fred Magan, Sue and John Garner, Julie and Shane Alexander, Steven and Beverly Mayfield, Joy and Franz Button, George and Margaret Magan, Sarah Magan, Christine Hill, Judy Flitney and Kathleen Ranshaw, Paul Ranshaw and family, Mandy Ranshaw, Joel Ranshaw, Wendy Green, Philip Green, Teresa Green, Hollie Green, Zak Green, Terry Self, David Self and Janet Maidment, Gary Self, Sammy Jackson, Robert Self, Raymond and Janet Self, Tracy Ince, Daniel Self, Shannon Ince, Alice Ince, Janet and Joe Anderson, Peter and Simone Self, Laura Self, Leanne Self, Chris and Kelly Self, Mr and Mrs Foster, and Adam Foster.

Other mourners included: James Patterson, Roy and Jan Phillis, Sean Phillis, Dave and Jill Baxter, Mr and Mrs P. Maksymiw, John and Jeana Hopkins, Brian and Denise Winter, Roy and Janet Jex, Mr P. Garfoot, Dave Kettle Snr, Dave Kettle Jnr, Carly Stanbrook, Gillian Daubney, Serena Daubney, Cally-Anne Kettle, Martine Kettle, Eileen Allen, Andrew Weston, Mr and Mrs M. Whatton, Bob Jones, Michael and Brenda Gilman, Mrs S. Pellet, David Balfe, Geoff Cottingham, Ray and Jenny Williams, Nev Sharpe, Karin Wilgoose (George Hotel), Emma Chippindale, Kieran Dixon, Micky and Cathy McNulty, Tracey Endley, Luke Endley, Steve Jackson, Miss J. Woolfitt, Mr B. Allen, Miss M. Binns, Mrs C. Atkinson, Les (Ancaster Service Station), Julie Dixon, Debbie Knowles, Kevin and Marcella Bartholomew, Sean and Caroline Topley, Nipper and Maria Leighton, Rhyan Leighton, Phil Bryan, Paul Carter, Gemma Giles, Katy Miller and Alan Snapes.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Ward One, Grantham Hospital.