Obituary: Dr R. Caley

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Dr Richard Caley (Dick), of Grantham, has died. He was 64.

Born in Hampton Court, London, he was the son of Alfred and Valerie Caley and younger brother of John.

He was educated at Shrewsbury House School, Esher, and later King’s College School, Wimbledon. He studied medicine at King’s College and trained at St George’s Medical School in London. It was while there that he met Cathy, who was studying nursing, and who later became his wife of 40 years.

He has four children, Emma, Laura, Lewis and Katie, son-in-law Dan Courtney, and three grandsons, Robert, James and William.

Recently he had been looking forward to the imminent wedding of his son Lewis to Carolina Guedes-Costa.

Dr Caley trained as a General Practitioner on the Isle of Wight and subsequently moved to Grantham, to join Dr Gibb’s surgery on St Peter’s Hill. He enjoyed the variety of people he encountered in his role as a market town GP and could name many patients, who later became good friends.

He oversaw the relocation of this practice to become St John’s Medical Centre on London Road, where he was senior partner. He had great respect for his colleagues and enjoyed the challenge of working with them as a focussed team to provide the best service for their practice. He served with this practice for 32 years and took retirement at the age of 60, to pursue his many other hobbies and interests.

With great respect for nature and the seasons of life, he was a passionate gardener and allotment holder. He had kept tenure of an allotment in Barrowby for many years and took great pride in providing the bulk of the fruit and vegetables eaten by his family. In latter years he also kept chickens.

A keen fly fisherman, he enjoyed fishing locally on the River Witham at Stoke Rochford, and further afield at Formark Reservoir. He frequently smoked the trout he caught and shared it with friends. Dr Caley enjoyed real ales and was an accomplished home brewer, sourcing his own malt and hops.

He was an active member of the civic society and had been a trustee for the Grantham Almshouses Charity. He was passionate about preserving the good architecture remaining in Grantham.

Dr Caley also had a keen interest in sport, having been a rugby, football and cricket player and team captain in his youth. He had been a regular snooker player in the past with his snooker partner, Roy Gibson. More recently he joined Oasby cricket team, he was their opening batsman, captained the side for two years and thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and friendship of the team.

Dr Caley was an accomplished carpenter and when he had time, he enjoyed the opportunity to create many things from wood, most recently a wooden box which his grandson Robbie could store his treasure in.

He was a wonderful husband to Cathy, demonstrating true love and kindness in his care for her. He was a great father to all his children and their partners. He and his wife were happy to welcome any number of unexpected guests at all hours with great hospitality and good wit.

He was a proud grandfather and took delight in all things relating to his three grandsons.

A service of Thanksgiving was held at St Anne’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev David Shenton.

Family mourners included: Cathy Caley, Emma Courtney, Laura Caley, Lewis Caley, Katie Caley, Dan Courtney, Robert Courtney, James Courtney, William Courtney, John Caley, Jonathan Caley, Carolina Guedes Costa, Robert Stephenson, Michael Bowles, Tina Bowles, Lara Bowles, Richard Bowles, Rona Bowles, Claire Bowles, Alister Bowles, and Andrew Knight.

Other mourners included: Ellie Binner, Dr and Mrs S. Manistre, Nina Cruz, the Rev and Mrs J. Sprigs, Bill and Helen Wilson, Marie Hand, Elizabeth Holmes, Mavis Frisby, Eileen Wakefield, Ann Hopkinson, Sally Thompson, Dr D. Gallop, Mr and Mrs Shafto, Jean Logsdon, Bob McDonald, Peter and Sarah Riley, Mrs Graham, Helen Ball, David and Sue Valerio, Mr and Mrs Paine, Mrs Blakeman, Janet Gregory, Marilyn Cutler, David Clarke, David Brown, Sarah Mollant, Harry and Sue Larkin, Olga Read, Elizabeth and Courtney Finn, Pam Hargreaves, Helen Andrew, Rosemary Myatt, David Andrew, Angela Symms, Scott Holden, Andrew Kite, Nick Duncan, Tim Addlesee, Ike Richardson, Deborah Holmes, Caroline Lee, Tracy Sharp, Elaine Bebbington, George and Cherry Dowie, Lucy Stephenson, Nav Rai, R. and D. O’Connell, Roland Woloschin, Sally Scarr, Naomi Smith, Audrey Thomas, Tony Rogers, Liz Tibbett, Andy Chapman, Carley McKeown, Ann Seymour, Justin Helliwell, Dr C. Meuwissen, Twiggy, Verona Bowen, Michael and Carol Dixon, Joanne Fry, Mr Bowlec, C. Bowlec, Robin Courtney, Graham and Fiona Cook, Andrew Knight, Michael Bowles, Michael Dixon, Philomena Davies, Steve Gaunt, David Hallam, Dr Steel, Miss Nuttall, Mr and Mrs Tibbett, Cynthia Tregiden, Lisa Cobb, Mr and Mrs Leslie, Mr and Mrs D. Clayton, Patsy Ebb, Andrew Mitchell, June Wilmer, Graham Bennett, Ann O’Riordan, David and Judith Robinson, Sarah Jane Thompson, Elizabeth Allison, Eric Ogden, Jackie Seth-McDonald, Dr and Mrs D. Roper, Nicholas Kerry, J. Lyons, Jackie Wilson, George and June Fielding, Antony Smith, David Gilbert, John Chandler, Andrew and Jane Gregory, Mark and Mary Pharaoh, Mary Necklen, Pikyoke Allen, Peter and Liz Bailey, Dorothy Wix, Dr M. Boast, Kim Wilson, Julie Hadlow, Jennifer Harris, Dr and Mrs M. Tedbury, Roger and Mary Steigh, Mr and Mrs D. Close, Dr and Mrs Andrew, Natalie Wakeman, Roy and Christine Gibson, Gerald Bothrell, Courtney Finn, Elizabeth Reader, Mr and Mrs Lindsey, Jeff Brown, Steve De Visme, Sandy Cooper, Jill Preston, Ian Highland, Mr and Mrs Allen, Elizabeth Gaywood, Alan Courtney, John Caley, Trevor Johnston, Roberta Bolding, Jane Sharp, John and Dreda Came, Brenda and D. Leu, Dr and Mrs Higgins, Muriel Short, Liz Kasozomasoke, Jenny Mason, Helen Kelham, Dr Neofytou, Dr C. Lawrenson, Dr and Mrs S. Vogt, Dr and Mrs R. Husemeyer, Rona Bowles, Bill Landills, Jean Burns-Thompson, Robert Stevenson, Mal Bowden, Emma Courtney, James, Robert and William, Dan Courtney, John Such, John and Jennie Cussell, Josie McCollin, Tina Bowles, Tara Bowles, Julie Gossage, Dr D. Baker, David Courtney, Mr Conner, Terry Shelbourne, Christine Watkins, Penny Jenkins, Dr and Mrs Birch, Mark Ellis, Paula Izard, Maureen and Len Birland, Richard Booth, Dr Bradley and Nicola Pawley.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations were received in his name for the Woodland Trust.