Obituary: Hilary Mackley

Obituary: Hilary Mackley
Obituary: Hilary Mackley
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Mrs Hilary Mackley, of New Beacon Road, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 61.

Born in Grantham, the daughter of Geoff and Ivy, she was raised in Welby with her sister Pat and brothers Colin and Stephen.

She moved to Grantham while attending Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School and following her schooling she embarked on a career at Barclays Bank. She remained at the bank for 10 years, leaving to have her daughter Toni in 1978.

Mrs Mackley returned to work at Fraser Wise solicitors, where she worked until her retirement through ill health.

She also managed the Wagon and Horses public house with her partner Jeff for two years, taking a short break from Fraser Wise.

In July, 2004 she married Jeff and became stepmother to Emma and Abigail.

Her interests included walking, gardening, taking holidays and spending time with her five grandchidlren, Tom, Max, Olivia, Amelia and Scarlett.

The funeral service was held at St Anne’s Church, Harrowby Road, Grantham, conducted by the Rev Nicky Marshall. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Jeff Mackley, John and Wendy Mackley, Nicholas Mackley, Karen Mackley, Pat Thorpe, Toni Jappy, Alan Jappy, Emma Murphy, Abby Holmes and Richard Holmes.

Other mourners included: Katie Dawson, Gemma Challis, Anthony and Sue Watton, Graham and Monica Jappy, The Davies family, Claire Jappy, Rick and Mel Scott, Trish and Jim Robinson, Mandy and Alan Challis, Brian and Carolyn Phillips, Alison Willesden, Jenny Mitchell, John Brammer, Ann Cole, S. Pettit, Steve and Hilary Picksley, Frank Bolton, Robert Cole, Derrick Smith, Mr and Mrs A. Johnson, Andrew and Laurie Challis, Yasmine Davies and Michael Jappy, Jean Challis, Louise Samworth, Martin Money, Tina Money, Mike and Jessica Money, John Shotliff, Christine Shotliff, Leigh Shotliff, Trevor Pick, Elizabeth Griffin, Catherine Holvey, Hilary Lindley, Mr and Mrs W. Kirk, Dominic Brendan, Valerie and Geoff Dear, Paul and Liz Woods, Graham and Maureen Dawson, Nat and Sandra Neal, Martin and Barbara Thornton, Jerry and Trudy Hanson, Aileen Rudd, Pat Rhodes, Joyce Phillips, Terry Phinley, Paula Phinley, Nita Johnson, Helen and Colin Johnson, Zena Johnson, Karen Dilloway, Nichola Pugh, Nichola George, Edward and Shirley Hennesey, Andrew and Elizabeth Martin, David and Jane Wells, Tony Watkin, Karen Naylor, Susan Lowther, C. Brickles, G. Brickles, Mr and Mrs J. Dawson, Irene Cresswell, Claire Bannister, Yvette Taylor, John and Agnes Speck, Wendy Johnston, Maxine Charity, Bruce Richardson, Chris Roberts, Val and Alan Spick, Rob and Marie Ali, June Gribben, Glyn and Linda Holdsworth, Andrew and Joy Sheardown, Bill Berridge, Mary-Jane Marshall, T. Dugley, Mary and Michael Davies, Kerry and Lindsey Whotton, Matthew Crocker Smith, Gary Bowers, Alan and Maria Carley, Nichola and Malcolm Turner, Ian and Marg Blyth, Al Miles, Wally Gibbs, Maureen Church, Tessa Wasson, Matthew Clarke, Gareth James, James Stark and Kristina James, Keith and Jenny Lound, Frank Lound, G. Johnson, C. Johnson, Ian and Delia Stewart, Charlotte Stewart, Delia Chapel, Danielle Meadows, Tracy Thorpe, Terry Knightley, Sean Perry, Robert Bachelor and Susan Mackley, Steve and Maggie Holmes, Andrew and Eileen Woodhouse, Catherine and Philip Baker, Mr and Mrs Spick, Mr and Mrs Pimlott, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mrs Bathgate, Mr and Mrs Ramsey, Alan Ramsey, Mark Clayton, Sara Wood, Kev Lyon, Nigel Talton, James Whiteside, Stephen Johnson, Jane Dixon, Rob and Chris Wilson, Linda and David Evans, Joanne Longbottom, Kay Longbottom, Adam Longbottom, Shirley and Pete Dowson, Dean Eades, Martina Staples, Val and Jock Brogan, Ian Blackburn, Gus Sparrow, Lesley Sparrow, Briony Sparrow, Richard and Marie Jones, John Dobney and Jaqueline and Richard Edgley.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations for Brain Tumour Research amount to £350 to date.