Obituary: Luke Fahey

Luke Fahey
Luke Fahey
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Mr Luke Ryan Fahey, of Harrowby Lane, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 26.

Born in Nottingham, he was the son of David and Gillian and brother to Dale.

He attended the Grove School, and the John Hunt School in Newark.

Mr Fahey moved to Grantham in 2008.

He married Sharran in August 2012. He was daddy to Lexie and Scarlett-Lily and step-dad to Kyle and Lauren.

He worked for Tanvic Tyres in Newark before transferring to the Grantham branch. His most recent job was at Kwik Fit, where he worked for the last 18 months as a tyre technician.

Mr Fahey enjoyed spending time with his family. His interests included going to the gym, boxing and football.

The Rev Chris Boland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: David Fahey, Lynsey Fahey, Sharran Fahey, Dale Fahey, Kate Fahey, Gillian Nelmes, Grandad Fahey, Nan Fahey, Janet Credland, Neil Olive, Elizabeth Fahey, and Lauren Credland.

Other mourners included: Claire Dickinson, Stacey Gillott, Deana Campbell, Liam Jaques, Teresa Jaques, Lisa and Danny Martell, Mel Cuthill, Shane Forbes, Oliver Hobson, Ashley Warriner, Karen White, Ian Nelmes, John and Sandra Sperke, Steve Phillips, Andrew Dronsfield, Dean Feasey-Spendlow, Mrs K. Shales (Belmont School), Lucy Gibson (Belmont School), Peter Severn, Shane Patridge, Daniel Clamp, Lee Hardingham, Ellen Hardingham, Heidi Crompton, Jim Fahey, Emily Fahey, Sadie Fahey, Lorraine Burnett, Charlotte Burnett, Jane Riley, David Gillott, William Gillott, Mitch Fahey, Kyle Fahey, Catherine Fahey, Mandy Hardy, Carla Parker, Nick Ellison, Elliot Harvey, Simon Taylor, Roxanne Michelson, Sarah Footitt, James Noon, Daniel Done, Peter Weston, Sandy Stafford, Kevin Browne, Eileen Browne, David Graham, Kevin Major, Ronald Major, Linda Major, Carly Pooke, Karl Ballaam, Lee Coldron, Lauren Thorpe, Kaly Willis, Alisatair Cook, Maureen Keedy, Gemma Fahey, Ben Hobster, Carla Hardy, Mary Kirk, Kerry Orton, Adam Simons, Kassi Harris, Leona Price, Laura Kelly, Sheena Kelly, Tony Kelly, Victoria and Kimmy Everett, Pacey Richards, Curtis Gardner, Donovon Atkin, Dan Gough, Colette Gough, Donna Credland, Chloe Johnson, Shanon Sentence, Richard Tomlinson, Paul Wintrop, Barry and Irene Parker, Daniel and Ben Armstrong, Karl Mitcham, Phil Raikes, Warren Carr, Gina Ward, Danny Fairbairn, Janet Moon, Barbara and Anthony Dalton, Chris and Kristina Reilly, Glen Wormall, Jonathan Foss, Susan Hallam Harrison, Ben Boughtwood, Ann Hull, Chad Paczensky, Daniel Gillott, Charlotte Coldron, Matt Bentley, Maggie Black, Jo Atterbury, Paul McCann, Samantha McCann, Adam Kettleborough, Ben Kettleborough, Danielle Roberts, Dean Norton, Ellie Lewis, Sarah Wright, Carol Anne McGregor, Michael Kelly, Vanessa Smith, Chloe Franklin, Joanthan Greaves, June Everley, Dave Charles, Glenn Toan, Barry Bennett, Ian and Nicki Johnson, Rachael Chapman, Aaron Pryce, Ryan Johnson, Michaela Ferrier, Sarah Nelmes Smith, Mick Smith, Dave Pryor, Pamela Pryor, Samantha Martin, Gary Wharton, Vincent Ball, Josh Featherstone, Norman Stevenson, Adam Gray, Ady Greenberry, Craig Coffey, Chris Tuck, Ciara Browne, Chloe Browne, Graham and Jane Evans, and Kent Fahey.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Doantions for the RSPCA amount to £514.58 to date.