Obituary: Miss Etta Louise Smith

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Miss Etta Louise Smith, of Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 86.

Born in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, she was the second eldest in a family of five children. She grew up in Jamaica but moved to Barbados to work. In 1965 she moved to England.

Miss Smith took a nursing course and specialised in midwifery, which led to her working at Boston Pilgrim Hospital in the early 1970s. She then moved to Grantham Hospital, where she remained until retirement.

Miss Smith became the much-loved and highly respected Sister of the Special Care Baby Unit, and following retirement she returned there for visits.

Her interests were centred on people. She took on a variety of roles in the Grantham Seventh-day Adventist Church where she taught the children, sang in the choir, visited the sick and lonely, offered hospitality and letter writing to the young people who had moved away.

She supported a number of charities which included collecting for the annual ADRA (UK) Appeal on the Manthorpe estate, volunteering at the Red Cross shop in Grantham and regularly supporting Grantham Foodbank and Grantham Passage, to name a few.

She will be remembered for her heart of love and for her sense of fun, bringing smiles and laughter to many.

The funeral service was held at the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Dudley Road, Grantham, conducted by Pastor John Ferguson. This was followed by committal at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Beryl Hyatt, Sherrille Hyatt, Juliet Hyatt, Kathi Hyatt, and Gillian Hyatt.

Other mourners included: Pastor John Ferguson, Ann Eaton, Dr Kiki Steel, Philomena Davies, Mrs P. Maybery, Mr and Mrs A. Carnell, Miss B. Robinson, Mrs M. Winfield, Wendy and Dennis Walmsley, Nelson and Amber Porter, Mr and Mrs Bell, Sophie Bell, David Bell, Pam Campbell, Violet Conner, Mr and Mrs R. Surridge, Sarah Lewis, Anarkali Lewis, Dylan Lewis, Roger Smith, Kathleen Weekes, Mr and Mrs S. Davies, Mrs A. Howard, Chris Litcher, Freda Purser, Marie Niewczasiiski, Peter and Audrey Howard, Mr Smith, Eileen and David Green, Joan Draper, Micahel and Dorothy Weston, Alan and Joyce Redfern, Margaret Geeson, Michelle Dewey, Melanie Bett, Suzie Morgan, Sandra Scarborough, Priscilla Samuels, Gregory Samuels, Alison Jeins, Sally Thompson, Ian and Dawn Thompson, Cynthia Welham, Mr West, Karen Shelbourn, Fiona Selvage, Marlene Lees, Mr and Mrs Whiting, Moyra Hipwell, Anne Meadows, Jan Saunders, Paul Hammond, Carol Bradford, Laura Sale, Margaret Hunter, Steven Coxhead, Chris and Maureen Amos, Barbara Norris, Carolyn Fairbrother, Karena Weekes, Donald and Margaret Morgan, Dave Robinson, Henrietta Deazle, Helena Deazle, Robin Thompson, Curtis Murphy, Malcolm Love, Linda Mason, Roy and Liz Husemeyer, Martin Ferguson, Michaela Nelson-Cofie, Dr Shelbourn, Jean Black, Michael Daniels, Joyce and Ken Cornes, Glenys Wheadon, Harold Nicholson, Rachel Whittle, Charles Whittle, Cathryn Ryan (Leicester), Dr and Mrs Onugha, Kerris Browne, Blus Kabengele, Sheena Hunter, Mike and Nigela Cowen, Natasha Cox, Mirtell Anderson, Hayley Pigg, Ros West, L. Smith, D. Kyriacou, Trevor and Kristna Hammond, Pastor Kyriacou, Alan Greenslade, Sheila Finch, Stephen Vogt, Dr David Marshall, Anita Marshall, Phyllis Pearsey, Debbie Rees, David Bell, Steven Prendergast, Douglas Cox, Jack and Vera Lindsay, Noelie Comerasay, Hagnette Comerasay, Maria Clements, Nina Crus, and Alitzel Crus.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation, Cancer Research UK and the RNLI.