Obituary: Mr A. J. White

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Mr Albert Joseph White, of Water Lane, South Witham, has died at home. He was 91.

Mr White was born into a fairground family in Crowland, Lincolnshire.

He was married to Margaret for 65 years. He leaves five children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

He was a successful scrap metal dealer.

Mr White’s interests included steam shows, fairground rides, jigsaw puzzles and taking holidays.

The Rev Tom Broadbent conducted the funeral service at St John the Baptist Church, South Witham. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: Albert and Margaret White Jnr, Jennifer and Malcolm Pacey, Margaret and Lester Garrett, Michael and Michelle White, Christopher and Diana White, Shauna, Allen and Paige Pattison, Victoria, Matthew and Reuben Carefoot, Charlotte and Justin Garrett, Gemma and Gracie Garrett, Jasmine White and Megan, Keiron and Ellie White.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Young, Katie Young, Mr Russell, Barry Spencer, Bill Fitzprice, Des Bland, Carol Bland, Mr Merry, Jennifer Taylor, Carolyn Selby, Peter Ewart, Stephen Crompton, Mr and Mrs Crompton, Nigel and Janet Aitkin, Mr Wing, George Geeson, Christine Harris, Leonard Wright, Jane Clark, Nancy, Miles Hardy, Catherine Hodgkin, Maxine Partridge, Roger and Linda Barclay, Tim Harwood, Glyn Mitchell, Darren Hudson, Rory Hudson, Wendy Peasgood, Margaret Bennett, Maureen and Barry Adams, Brian King, Michael McCormanack, Paul and Penny Grimer, Malcolm Selby, Chantelle Selby, Bernard Bull, Shanna Pulidl, Frances and Shannon White, Mr and Mrs Clarke, Julie and Adrian Witcomb, Mick Calpin, Miz and Miss Booker, Sarah Fowler, Mrs Devinski, Kerry and Shaun Coupland, Ashley Bignell, Jim, Chris and Mary Pitman, Sue Metcalf, Aileen and Peter Ball, Cliff Ashden, Eddie Cooper, Patricia Askew, Mark Howe, Dave Duffin, Mrs Baines, Rosie Baxter, Garth and Sheila Robertshaw, Mr and Mrs M. Bland, Mr and Mrs Davis, Isobel Robinson, Derek Rouse, Denis Rouse, William Jackson, Malcolm and Heather Cleaver, Eric Smith, John Spencer, Michael Spencer, George and Lynn Wing, Bobbie Elvin, Ken Rundle, Peter Jackson, Mr and Mrs Barnard, James and Betty Hodgkin, Vince and Sheila Mitchell, Margaret Bellamy, Wendy Hemstock, John Keech, Jennie Keech, Niven and Sharen Swain, John and Carrie Clarke, Joseph Russell-Cooper, Mr and Mrs Dowling, Yvonne and Eddy Andrews, Andrea and Bob Smith, Colin Needham, Alan and June Curtis, Steven and Lyn Taylor, Steve and Eira White, Kate Lamyman, Maria Thornley, Joan Burrows, Clive Burrows, Roy and Ann Bentham, Brian and Sylvia Morely, Roy Burden, Jeremy Hall, Charlotte Auckland, Justin Auckland, Clive Francis, Richard Knipe, Tina Rogers, Linda Glover, Pat and Tony Russell and John and Jean Pattison.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Marie Curie Nurses.