Obituary: Mr Alan Evans

Obituary: Mr Alan Evans
Obituary: Mr Alan Evans
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Mr Alan Evans, of Larch Close, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 65.

Mr Evans was born in Union Street, Grantham, in 1948, the son of Leonard and Lily. He was brother to Mavis and Mary and the late Roy, Jean, Kenneth and John.

He attended The National School, followed by the Boys’ Central School in Grantham.

Mr Evans was married to Ann for 39 years and they had two sons, Lee and Paul. He also leaves four grandchildren who he was devoted to.

Mr Evans had worked for British Rail, Cremay Engineering, and latterly Bell and Webster, from where he retired in 2011.

He walked his dog 13 miles a day. He also enjoyed going to his allotment, keeping fit and having a flutter on the horses.

Janet Rogers conducted the funeral service at St Anne’s Church, Harrowby Road, Grantham. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Ann Evans, Paul Evans, Kenan Evans, Owen Evans, Maisie Evans, Harry Storey, Mavis Lane and Mary Page.

Other mourners included: Mr N. Bateman, Carol Scott, Gordon Lloyd, Arthur Curtis, Tony Rollinson, Elizabeth Musgrove, Jodie Rollinson, Ben Rollinson, Ty Muse, Allan Rollinson, Sue Ward, Steve Squires, Geoffrey Challends, Linda Challends, Paul Kavanagh, Chris Simpson, Barry and Pat Booth, Diane Strickson, Neil Strickson, Keith Streets, Brigette Gillbard, Glenis Bellamy, Pete Coyne, Angela Cone, Norma Concar, Martin and Carol Foster, Sarah 
Evans, Alex Todd, Wendy Todd, Kyle Todd, Robert and Susan Cave, Lisa Kirby, Peter and Barbara Short, Mr and Mrs Kelham, Michael Chambers, Tracey and Alan Smith, Gina Ward, Mr and Mrs Willis, Danielle Willis, Charlie Willis, Paul and Annette Smart, Philip Gray, Mark Gray, Connor Dixon, Paul and Anne Turner, Mr and Mrs L. Gilbert, Mary Pinfold, Bill Cook, Dave Locking, Phil Middleton, Bob Storey, Mr Winfield, Noel Knight, Mick and Gill Watton, Ricky Kershaw, Pat Sexton, David Proctor, Martin Proctor, Mick and Linda Bunning, Kaylie Evans, John Kilgallon, Carol Sawyer, Daniel Kilgallon, Leslie Nevitt, Rose Dexter, Janet and Pete Stevenson, Marie Sparks, Nigel Birch, Rodney Evans, Odette Garrett, Eileen Noon, Holly Evans, Louise Close, Roger and Kate Booth, Pauline Evans, Danielle Strickson, Chris Cramfield, Mrs R. Majilton, Jennifer Collingwood, Margart Evans, Pete and Janice Coyne, Pat Desmond, Henry Desmond, Ashley Kilgallon, Jill Alan and Martin Sparks, Julie Fairbrother, Luke Todd, Scott Roberts, Jamie Roberts, Neil and Chris Marshall, Mr and Mrs J. Auckland, Peter Drury, Steven Auckland, Roy and Susan Auckland, Pearl Page, Mary Down, Mrs E. Alsbury, Rob Lambley, Dick Pridding, Steve Wells, Mo Pattison, Michael Gray, Mick Gray, Bernie Gray, Margaret and John Diggins, Pete Hoyes, Mrs V. Burrows, John and Janet Dawson, John Prendeville, Eric Lane, Mr and Mrs P. Harby, Paul Cant, Miss Dawson, Mr and Mrs R. Parke, Lita Chenery, Norton and Molly Kirby, Bernie Daly, Steve Parkin, Tony Watson, Ken Jameson, Keith Noble Rachel Ford, Keith Sawyer, Mark Nevitt, Barry Sharman, Mr and Mrs Nicholson, Linda Mitchell, Mr and Mrs White, Vince Evans, Kenny Evans, Olly Allen, Mary Wakerley, Julie and Jamie Fardell, Jimmy Evans, Paula Fox, George Askew, Susan Flear, Mrs Page, Stuart Amos, Jim Smith, Colin Gibson, Kevin Sentance, Natalie Sentance, Chloe Stewart, Toni and Gordon Smart, Bill Powell, Linda Powell, Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Gerald Saddington, Michael and Sandra Conboy, Gren Carter, Mick Hoyes, David Arbon, Tammy Kaptein, Sharna Bullimore, Gemma Temperton, Dean Temperton, Graham Wilson, Richard Guest, Matthew Price, Jason Dodwell, Mark Henson, Neil Rowarth, Michael Turner, Dean and Michelle Fardell, Alan Bedells, Mr and Mrs Coyne, Dave Parkes, Tom Williamson, Mr and Mrs Doughty, Mr and Mrs Ephgrave, Keith Edwards, Elaine Short, Martin McAndrew, Susan Bonner, Michael Bonner, Rebecca Burden, Michelle Page, Stephen Clarke, Kelly Sawyer, Jacky Smith, Andrew Smith, Stephen Smith, Keith and Elaine Platt, Lesley Moore, Jim and Alice Bennett, Mrs J. Elsom, Martin and Christine Newcombe, Chris Marshall, Marie Storey, Wendy Neil, Royston Kilgallon, Jackie Kilgallon, Deza Kilgallon, John and Leslie Watson, Jane Simmons, Regan Simmons, Sammy Duthie, Pete Williams, Aaron Page, Aisa Page, Dale Kilgallon, Bob and Louise Gray, Luesa Tasker, Charlotte Gray, Charlie Gray, Cheryl Copping, Fred Bennett, Mervyn Stansall, John and Diane Evans, Will and Debbie Sawyer, Shirelle 
Valentine, Jai Brice, Colin Gray, and Chris and Emma Machett.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Cancer Research UK.