Obituary: Mr Alan John Nice

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Mr Alan John Nice, of Robin Close, Sleaford, has died in Sleaford. He was 57.

Born in Grantham, he was the son of Dorothy Nice and the late Ronald Nice.

He was brother to Lynda, Paula, Judy and Cheryl and a dear uncle to 12 nephews and nieces.

Mr Nice worked as a self-employed plumber.

His interests were golf, Grand Prix cars, travelling and fishing.

The Rev Harriet Orridge conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Dorothy Nice, Lynda Thompson, Andy Maloney, Paula and Paul Dobie, Judy Nice, Cheryl West, Kate West, Stacey and Ben Watford, Nicky and Becky Dobie, Shaun Hillman, Lauren West and Leon Leeson, and Jo Glover.

Other mourners included: Liz and Malcolm Parton, Anne Bolland, Neil Clifford, Peter Bolland, Steve Shucksmith, Paul Elliott, Geoff Bingham, Gordon Savage, David and Susan Welbourne, Kate and Steven Thompson, Anna Thompson, Dean Bennett, Andrew and Heather Vangasse, Kevin and Linda Oakes, Marion Hare, David Hare, Les Anderson, Kev Rudkin, Mel Hopkinson, Geoff Nice, Angus MacDonald, Mrs Keyworth, Bunt and Fiona, Ray and Jean Leach, Richard Smith, Derek Kime, Kev Bond, Elaine Burgoine, Dave Baxter, Mark Worrell, Tanya Benge, Matt Lewsey, Sabrina Simpson, Sean Simpson, Kevin Williams, Willie Harris, Graham Gresswell, Malcolm Gresswell, Tony Brady, Lindsey Southwell, Mick Crowley, Liz Moan, Phil Moan, Mr and Mrs Day, Mr and Mrs P. Nice, Bridgette Ashworth, Dave and Jenny Hubbard, Gill Nice, Sue Nice, Terry Vangasse, Claire Drake, Susan Thomson, Sally Smith, David Pendrigh, Ashley Page, Sara Bolland, Amber Gresham, Zak Dikon, Neil Parker, Vicky Mellor, Wilfred Parker, Clare Statham, John Hobson, Darren Buckler, Anne Dobie, Sheena Copeland, Patricia Attfield, Victor Bennett, Michael Hollinshead, BJ, Paul Russell, Kirsty Heslam, Tom Jackson, Andy Newman, John Mackinder, Paula Hunt, Scott Woodhead, Cheryl Glenn, Mel Turner, Bev Sambridge, and Kev Twiddy.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.