Obituary: Mr Andrew John Ruddock

Obituary: Mr Andrew John Ruddock
Obituary: Mr Andrew John Ruddock
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Mr Andrew John Ruddock, of Stroud, Gloucestershire, has died in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. He was 42.

Mr Ruddock was born in Grantham, the only son of June and Alan and brother to Anita.

After leaving school he commenced an apprenticeship in bricklaying.

He also did landscape gardening, warehouse and factory work, car valeting, and he was a pub chef in Wiltshire.

Mr Ruddock had also lived and worked in Tenerife.

His main interest was deejaying and in the early `90s he became the resident DJ at Images nightclub. He also did guest spots all over the country. He produced and cut his own record and his DJ name was DJ Tecx. He was well known and respected in the deejay circles.

He enjoyed playing football, cards and Scrabble, and he was a lifelong supporter of Nottingham Forest Football Club.

Mr Ruddock had lived in Stroud with his partner, Sian, for almost four years.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland.

Family mourners included: June, Alan and Nita Ruddock, Gwyn and Steph Ruddock and Paul, Allan and Jean Campbell, Linda and Greg Clarke, Angela and Christopher, Sian Bossy, Yvonne and Keith Bossy, Sara Wright, Marcus Harvey, Mark Costar, Pauline Hector, and Margaret Bowler.

Other mourners included: Tracy Bacon, Nicola Key, Charlotte and Spencer Lound, Michael Siggee and Sharon, Anne Ropson, Dennis Atter, Graham, Christine and David Hardy, Russell Young, Kim Parry, Pauline and Denhys Lambley, Len Rawding, Francesca Stephenson, Mark Frith, David and Gill Taylor, Hunter Rodger, Lesley Rodger, John Williams (Talking Newspaper for the Blind), Mary Necklen, Harry Kerr, Christopher and Rebecca Luttik, Marion Saunders, Julian Carr, Charles Norrish, Mr and Mrs Kirby, Joe Norrish, Carol Wood, Wendy Peacock, Siobhan Egan, Alex Egan, Kiera Easton, Mr and Mrs Higgins, Jean Armstrong, Mr and Mrs Hardy, Pamela Fisher, Neil and Lisa Hardy, Joe Hurst, Neil Elvin, Mrs Reast, Amanda Dorkes, Katie Croston, Claire Orme, Nicola Ebb, Timothy Fenn, David Harrison, Angela Harrison, Jo Gilfedder, Carol and John Taylor, Steve Baxter, Mark Dennison, Jason Taylor, Mike Grant, Charlotte Kerry, Lisa Kerry, Mark Healey, Stuart McInory, Lee Bowles, Steve Rimeur, Sharon Mercer, Mrs Baker, Susan and Peter Sulston, Pat Pinchbeck, and Gill Hale.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Department of Critical Care, Royal Gloucestershire Hospital.