Obituary: Mr Anthony Sean Bradley

Anthony Bradley
Anthony Bradley
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Mr Anthony Sean Bradley (Tony), of Newton Way, Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth, has died at home. He was 64.

Born in Richmond, Yorkshire, he was the youngest of three boys and grew up in rural Scotland and Harrogate.

He settled in Grantham and later became the rural police community officer in Colsterworth and the surrounding villages. He had served in the police force for 33 years. His life was focused on his belief in fairness as a policeman. He had many loyal friends in the police fraternity.

When he was younger Mr Bradley supported his children, Matthew and Lucy. He was often visited by his brothers, Tom and Paul and son, Matthew.

In his retirement he married Annie. He enjoyed walking in the countryside and foraging for wood. He had travelled to both North and South America.

Mr Bradley enjoyed barbecues, watching films, bird watching and tending to his garden.

The funeral service was held at the Church of St John and St Andrew, Stoke Rochford, conducted by the Rev Eric Lomax. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Other than the immediate family, mourners included: Terriana Charlesworth, Phil Bennett, Mrs Bagawoll, Mr and Mrs Bailey, Deanna Mayfield-Sparks, John White, Micky McNulty, Peter Hunt, Richard Heald, Brian and Helen Statham, John and Linda O’Meara, Monica Johnson, Tim Delahode, Mr and Mrs D. Wain, Bob Halliday, Maureen Milne, Mr and Mrs J. Hunter, Chris Morgan, Mick Start, Howard Lytwynchuk, Alan Moore, Simon Mason, Chris Skelton, Trevor and Katie Birkin, John Gale, Heidi Orange, John Burgess, Bernadette Bradley, John Elwood, Mike Ford, Julia Madgwick, Dawn Holland, Mr D. MacBoyle, Evie Weston, Sue Taylor, Harminder Chana, Charlie Chana, Mark and Angela Jasinski, Ed and Maggie Samuel, Derek Pointer, Ted Baty, Tony Gill, Geraldine Matthews, Alex Skelton, Sally Skelton, Margaret Cole, Charles Cole, Geoff Matthews, Lance Gay, Diana Flint, Chris Troop, Phil Taylor, Gary and Melissa Nippard, Karen Bradley, Paulina Sharman, Insp Gary Stewart, Sandra Cox, Derek Cox, John Evans, Mr and Mrs T. O’Meara, Richard Brewster, Maggie Shaw, Mrs Darby, Madeleine Smith, Fran Selby, Stuart Whitcombe, Graham Welham, Tony Dobson, John Wise, Geoff Pulfrey, Neal Fenn, Mike Shepherd, Robert and Viv Samuel, John and Jackie Wise, John Newson, Gerry and Terry Kirk, John and Margaret Hunter, Tony Mendham, Andy Roach, Heather Wright, Bob and Sue Bailey, John and Caroline Eddington, Shirley Harding, Ian Campbell, Amy Ironmonger, Jean Samuel, Paul Bryan, Mary Elder, and Andrew and Denise Skelton.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Marie Curie Cancer Care.