Obituary: Mr C. G. Garton

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Mr Clifford Gordon Garton, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 78.

Born in Ashby de la Launde, Lincolnshire, he was the son of Nelly and Fredrick Garton and the eldest of three children.

He attended Carre’s Grammar School in Sleaford.

In 1954 he married Biddy. They had three sons, Paul, Nicholas and Mark.

Mr Garton served with Lincolnshire Police for 30 years and had been stationed in Cleethorpes, Bourne, Wainfleet and Grantham. After being a patrol car driver he became the local ‘bobby’ for the Earlesfield estate.

His interests included horses, animals, golf, foreign holidays and sport.

He was taken to church in a horse-drawn hearse.

The funeral service was held at St John’s Church, Spitalgate, Grantham, conducted by Nicky Webb. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Paul and Angie Garton, Nick and Sylvia Garton, Mark and Sue Garton, Sarah Garton, Leo Garton, Stefan Garton, Emma Sourbutts, Rose Garton, Kirsty Garton, James Casey, June Willson, Marie Mickleborough, Andrew,Sharon and Alex Mickelborough.

Other mourners included: George Butcher, Lance Gay, Ted Batty, Mr D. Templeton, Mr and Mrs V. Heppenstall, Tony Gill, George Adlington, John and Janet Crane, Malcolm Vickers, John and Margaret Hunter, Terry and Gerry Kirk, Andrew Musson, Rosemary Musson, David Musson, Judy and David Maltby, Margaret Rutt, Sylvia Atkinson, Adrian Atkinson, Dennis and Janet MacDonald, Terry O’Reilly, Wilf Potterton, Michael and Jenny Wilkinson, Stella Butler, Frank and Brenda Redmile, John Wise, Dennis Willoughby,, Neville Peatman, Karen Templeton, Ann Blakey, Jerry Hanson, Jill and Kevin Hand, Ron and Pam Crowson, Adrian Crowsosn, Pat and Cyril Goode, Antony Bailey, Sam Pask, Terry and Linda King, Keith Blakey, George Coupland, Gerald Garton, Margaret Garton, Charlotte Garton, Hannah Garton, Mike and Karin Toon, Colin and Carol Wood, Kevin Baines, Julie Baines, Margaret Baines, Alan and Ann Holderness, Mr C. Dryden, Tony Hook, Terry and Sue Clark, Val and Russ Perkins, Mark Chamberlain, Graham Leicester, Walter Cave, John and Pauline Chester, Mick Holmes, John Rawlins, Madeleine Hill, Diane Matchett, Merrick and Alison Clegg, Eric Spiers, Maurice Sutton, Kevin Harte, Lisa McAdam, Liz Dyer, Mel Smith, Jack Atkinson, Tony Kirk, Mr and Mrs Cunnington, David and Julie Dunne, Linda Marshall, Bob Robertson, John Allan, Steve and Kelly Church, Ray and Bev Dove, Mr and Mrs D. Bristow, Marshall and Wendy Fryer.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham,

Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.