Obituary: Mr Colin Ernest Goddard

Mr Colin Ernest Goddard
Mr Colin Ernest Goddard
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Mr Colin Ernest Goddard, of Albert Street, Grantham, has died in Rotherham. He was 56.

Born in Barnsley, he was the son of Ena Goddard and brother to Ian, Andrew, Trevor, Lynne and Joanne.

He had two children, Rachael and Haydon.

Mr Goddard had worked as a bricklayer, plasterer and labourer in the construction industry.

His interests included football, F1 motor racing, good food and clubbing.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Ian Goddard, Minnie Goddard, Cindy Goddard, Peter Park, Lynne Teven, Joanne Moules, Andrew Manning, Charlotte Botteril, Andrew Goddard, Gemma Goddard, Carley Moules, Stacey Gelsthorpe and Daniel Drew.

Other mourners included: Peter Park snr, Diane Park, Peter Woods, Lou Gelsthorpe, Lance Woods, Elaine Beaumont, Steven Bostock, Mick Grey, Bernie Grey, Chris (Bob), Gordon Drury, Beryl Drury, Keith and Lynne Wiblin, Steve Fardell, Jo Pattison, Sharon Rands, Jamie-Lee Spicer, Adam Jameson, Gina Forster, Catherine Keirle, Mark Parker, Martin Stothard, Dwayne Blackburn, Helen Jackson, Ray Benton, Graham Daubney, James Townsend, Tim and Theresa Spencer, Haydon Darmon, Rachel Dubrowski, Alice Dubrowski, Dina Ricardo, Chris Bryan, Sharon Fox, Rebecca Parke, Cathy Cody, Nora Bryan, Philip Bryan, Roy and Pamela Willows, Karen Simons, Nick Byrne, Michelle Bostock, Lynda Bostock, Evelyn Lee, Sue Johnson, Mandy Peberdy, Maureen Gelsthorpe, David Hardy (Box), Julie Milward, Sue Clay, Derek Wallace, Jade Burchill, Stacey Pestell, Mr R. Rattray, Tony Bateman, Julie Bateman, Mrs D. Nicholls, Mrs T. Nicholls, Lee Coaten, Craig Parker, Dawn Parker, Jake Parker, Luke Parker, Kirstie Parker, Danielle Rogerson, Chloe Lyon, Jake Drake, Margaret Scothern, Jayne Armstead, Mr and Mrs Singleton, Muriel Parker, Percy Moules, Tina Moules, Joe Conboy, Sharna Bullimore, Tammy Kaptein, Linda Rogerson, Josie Yates, Pete and Steph King, Roy and Caroline Atkin, Lee Barnett, Finn Hoggan, Luke Peberdy, Brendon Lee, Kevin and Annette Houghton, Frank Savona, Pete Tuohy, Dean Fardell and Tim Morton.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation.