Obituary: Mr D. Power

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Mr David Power, of Barrowby Gate, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 88.

He was born in Kilmacthomas, County Waterford, Ireland into a farming family. He was the second son of 12 children. He worked on his father’s farm before joining the Irish Army.

He moved to Grantham after the war and started a new life. He then spent most of his working life employed by British Rail. Mr Power enjoyed 
foreign holidays, gardening, touring Ireland and visiting his family.

Canon Anthony Dolan conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s RC Church, Grantham. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: Norah Power, Shaun Power, Diana Power, Mark Power, Tania Allen, David Hedworth, Fiona Hedworth, Siobhan Hedworth, Justin Hedworth, Kieron Power, Sue Power, Tara Power, Shannon Power, Corrine and Richard Ablitt, William Power, Sinead Power, Michael Power, James Power, Fiona Began, Tyrone Power, John and Helen O’Neil, Ted Hurton and Mary-Ann Hennessy.

Other mourners included: Bernard Lake, Ann Kightley, Gemma Fearnley, Beryl Bradley, Ivan Roughan, Rita Bond, Michael Roughan, Jack and Grace Roughan, Rita Cranstone, John Tosh, Alan and June Ruddock, Josie Hemstock, Susan Baxter, Dave Barrett, Richard Keightley, Kitty Bergin, John Nicholson, Dallas Rose, Sadie Calpin, Ruth Flanagan, Hayley Broadbent, Eileen Scanlan, Nora Conneely, Mal and Miriam Tiernan, Mr and Mrs C. Fearnley, Helen and Stuart Topps, Freda and Dave Keightley, Angela Fearnley, Brian and Val Crunkhorn, Jean Wooldridge, Lisa McAuliffe, Dr David Davies, Philomena Davies, Gordon Clark, Eleanor Hirst, Stephen Hunt, Janice Hamilton, Ernie Chilvers, Phil Duffy, Mrs Wilkinson, Sheila and Dick Drage, Helen Oldham, and Colin and Hazel Hedworth.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham. Donations were received for