Obituary: Mr David William Fisher

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Mr David William Fisher, of Stonepit Lane, Marston, has died at home. He was 78.

Mr Fisher was born in Bourne, the eldest son of Bernard and Dora Fisher.

He was married to Win, and was dad to Kevin and Valerie and grandad to Susannah and Bethany.

Mr Fisher spent all his working life at E. A. Sheardown Farms.

His interests included country music, holidays and gardening.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Win Fisher, Kevin Fisher, Pete and Valerie Govan, Bethany Govan, Susannah Austin, and Alan Fisher.

Other mourners included: Marion and Colin Weightman, Bob and Shirley Scott, Joan and John Parker, Tony De Giorgio, Tony Lemmon, Mr and Mrs B. Marshall, Allan and Ann Crowson, Peter Drury, Beryl Patchett, Nigel Patchett, Tony Wright, Mr R. Hutchinson, Mark and Linda Revill, Anne and Sara King, Les and Sue Walton, Val Pearson, Peter Pearson, Doris Wright, Sybil Howard, Margaret and Graham Hagues, Gerald and Avril Clare, Mr King, Mr Davies, Mr Wright, Victor Farmer, Enid and Malcolm Smith, Colin and Ann Drury, Alan Duller, Eileen Drew, Richard Pearson, David Hoyes, Malcolm and Liz Partridge, Mr and Mrs Marshall, Sue Richardson, Paul and Shirley Kelly, Kim Roberts, Brent and Julie Richardson, Mecca Fenton, Mr and Mrs G. De Giorgio, Maria Platts, Wendy McCallin, Emma and Kelly Wright, Mr T. Hickson, Martin Howard, Mr and Mrs Gudgeon, Kathleen Drury, Elaine Snowdon, Mr and Mrs R. Beckett, Mrs C. Heeley, Steve Partridge, Linda Sneddon, Sarah Critchley, John Everett, Hazel Tebb, Neville Gibson, Marie Jepson, Tony Jepson, Allan Fisher, Carole Aldous, Mrs D. Selby, Malcolm Saunby, Kath Gittins, Wendy Bower, Neil Wells, Sam and Chris Bailey, Sophie Bailey, Martin Mees, Shirley and Andrew Watson, Valerie and David Morell, Margaret Revell, Kerry Ablewhite, Connie and Mike Barnat Millns, Peter Metcalf, Trevor and Jennifer Hare, Gordon and Beryl Drury, Dean Revell, Paula and Andrew Neave, Mr and Mrs P. Drury, John Gardner, and Angela Parsons.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Marie Curie Cancer Care and St Barnabas Hospice.