Obituary: Mr F. Palenski

Obituary: Mr Palanski
Obituary: Mr Palanski
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Mr Franciszek Palenski, of Lincoln, has died at home. He was 64.

He was born in Kingscliffe, Northamptonshire.

Mr Palenski was a retired police sergeant. He had been custody sergeant and town sergeant in Grantham.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Ernest Fythche.

Family mourners included: Mrs D. Palenski, Mrs M. Palenski, Mr and Mrs S. Palenski, Mr and Mrs A. Palenski, Mr N. Palenski, Miss K. Palenski and Mr R. Proud.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Doughty, Mr and Mrs J. Allen, Mr N. Allen, Mr and Mrs Lambert, Mrs Sharp, Mr A. Longley, Mr and Mrs Start, Miss H. Start, Mrs J. Robinson, Mr and Mrs Roach, Mr and Mrs Dent, Mr L. Gay, Mr M. Turner, Mr A. Hubbard, Mr M. Hubbard, Mr D. Hall, Mr S. Eggington, Mrs H. Watkin, Mrs A. Chamberlain, Mr D. Cartwright, Mr J. Wise, Mr and Mrs Peaks, Mr S. Longfoot, Mr G. Stewart, Mrs T. Demonte, Mr D. Bannister, Mr and Mrs Day, Mr D. Bolland, Mr M. Green, Mr G. Leicester, Mr N. Duff, Mr R. Drudge, Mrs H. Wilkie, Ms R. Marlow, Mr and Mrs M. Soltysiak, Mr G. Lacey, Mr P. Atherton, Mrs Wain, Mr A. Clifton, Mr and Mrs Peberdy, Mr G. Parker, Mr G. Coupland, Mr T. Mendham, Mr Banfield, Mr and Mrs Evans, Ms H. Wright, Mr R. Etherton, Mr and Mrs S. Wilson, Mr and Mrs R. Nicholls, Mr J. Rawlins, Miss M. Hill, Mr G. Dunn, Ms S. Wilton, Mr C. Williams, Ms K. Naylor, Mr D. Cross, Mr M. Myszczyszyn, Mr S. Clark, Mr and Mrs C. Gill, Mr D. Evison, Mr and Mrs Hunter, Mr S. Birkett, Mr M. Shepherd, Mr D. Gilham, Mr A. Booth, Mr T. Batley, Mr J. Hanson, Mr E. Woods, Mr M. Vickers, Mr D. Keightley, Mr E. Spiers, Mr I. Forshaw, Mr P. Diggins, Mr S. Mason, Mr and Mrs A. Roberts, Mr Housley, Mr Leggett, Emma Fillingham, Alison Walters, Mr M. Marsden, Mr S. Found, Mr P. Gossage, Mr D. Williams, Coral Drennan, Emma Flinham, Mr S. Henderson, Mr R. Hodgson, Mr R. King, Mr M. Taylor, Mr D. Ryan, Mr R. Walford, Mr T. Delahoyde, Mr and Mrs Shakespeare, Mr and Mrs Donovan, Mr and Mrs Roberts, Mr E. Murfin, Mr and Mrs Gill, Mr C. McCormack, Mr N. Wickenden, Mr M. Bend, Mr M. Graham, Mr B. Inglis, Mr and Mrs Goodwin, Mr and Mrs Robertson, David West, Mr J. Penny, Mr A. McCulley, Ola Woods, Mrs H. Cunningham, Mr and Mrs Peck, Mr A. Kettle, Mr D. Atkinson, Mr A. Wood, Mr R. Hardy, Mr R. Shinn, Mr R. Topliss, Terry Annetts, Mrs Jones, Mr and Mrs Tormey, Mrs J. Thompson, Mrs J. Vincent, Mrs J. Foley, Mr A. Gray, Mr M. Hillson, Mr P. McAlindon, Mr J. Marris, Mr and Mrs Picker, Danny West, Aidan Ryan, Mr B. Galley, and Mr G. McAllister.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-op Funeral Directors, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Royal British Legion.