Obituary: Mr George Thomas Northing

Mr George Thomas Northing
Mr George Thomas Northing
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Mr George Thomas Northing (Tom), of Greenhill Road, Grantham, has died in Newton House Nursing Home. He was 82.

Born at 3 Maltings Cottages, Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham, he was the second son of Arthur and Molly Northing and brother to Ron.

His brother predeceased him in 1985.

In 1956 he married Gill and they had three children, Ross, Kim and Lesley and subsequently grandchildren, Krystle, Glenn, Luke, Thomas and Niall and great-grandchild, Katie.

Mr Northing joined the GPO at the age of 15 as a telegram boy. He later became a telephone engineer.

Following early retirement he bought a mini-bus for private hire and then a taxi.

His interests included football, cricket, darts and jazz music. He attended local jazz clubs and played darts for The Royal Queen public house.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Fr Ross Northing.

Family mourners included: Mrs G. Northing, Mr R. Northing, Kim O’Meara, Lesley Williamson, Andrew Jockel, Barry Williamson, Krystle O’Meara, Glenn O’Meara, Louise Yates, Thomas Williamson, Niall WIlliamson, Vikky Leatherland, Mrs J. Northing, Mr L. Northing, Mrs F. Northing, Miss K. Northing, Miss B. Barker, Mrs S. Barker, Mr M. Barker, Mr and Mrs B. Barker, Mr and Mrs M. Sharp, Mrs A. Gray, Miss A. Gray and Mrs H. Symmonds.

Other mourners included: Mr R. Taylor, Mr S. Hutton, Mr and Mrs D. Waling, Mr C. Holloway, Mr D. Abbott, Mr M. Matsell, Mr R. Magill, Mrs L. Hollingworth, Mrs C. Aldrich, Miss C. Nix, Mrs L. Chambers, Mrs L. Wooley, Mrs J. Armstrong, Mrs S. Goodes, Mrs H. Worthington, Mrs M. Eland, Mr and Mrs D. Pinchbeck, Ms K. Eland, Mr P. Bourke, Mr N. Colyer, Mrs G. Shaw, Mr P. Eaton, Mr and Mrs L. Haywood, Mrs J. Lambert, P. Whiting, Mrs J. Moses, Mr and Mrs D. Simpson, Miss A. Ward, Mr I. Nettleham, Mrs S. Robinson, Mrs D. Booth, Mrs B. Moulds, Mr A. Hutchinson, Mr P. Hills, Mr and Mrs J. Maines, Mrs V. Markham, Mr I. Berry, Mrs S. Kirton, Mrs S. Perry, Mrs A. Ford, Mr and Mrs R. Fenn, Mr B. Read, Mrs B. Wright, Mr P. Greenberry, Mr and Mrs P. Myciuk, Mrs L. Giles, Mrs C. Hackett, Mrs B. Taylor, Mrs H. Taylor, Mr R. Makin, Mrs A. Price, Miss K. Price, Mrs M. Sentence, Mrs A. Clegg, Mrs B. Lawery, Mr D. Short, Mr B. Stubley, Mr and Mrs J. Callow, Mr R. Edge, Mr S. Mableson, Mr and Mrs P. Plummer, Mr P. Griffin, Mr and Mrs M. Hopper, Mr R. Booth, Mr L. Addlesee, Mr I. Parker, Mrs S. Browne, Mr G. Ward, Mrs P. McAuliffe, Miss K. Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs D. Yates, Mr K. Lyon, Mr and Mrs T. Kirk, Mr and mrs P. Meredith, Mr and Mrs P. Dodds, Mrs H. Ablewhite, Mrs E. Simpson, Mrs P. Halliday, and others.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for Alzheimer’s and the British Heart Foundation amount to £307 to date.