Obituary: Mr H-L Smith

Mr Harry-Lee Smith
Mr Harry-Lee Smith
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Mr Harry-Lee Smith, of Great Northern Court, Grantham, has died at home. He was 22.

Born in Grantham, in March 1991, he was the son of Keven Bonner and Hayley Smith. He was brother to Alice and a brilliant father to Bailey.

He grew up in Barrowby, where he attended the primary school. He then went to the King’s School in Grantham.

He played for several football teams during his school years, winning several trophies.

Mr Smith was a member of Grantham Swimming Club and also the King’s School water polo team.

He served a plumbing apprenticeship with William Freer and later worked for several businesses including Environcom and Brake Bros.

Mr Smith loved spending time with his son, Bailey.

He also enjoyed going to the gym, motorbikes and fishing and meeting friends and partying.

He was a great fan of Manchester United Football Club and his family received a letter of condolence from club manager, David Moyes.

The funeral was held at All Saints Church, Barrowby, conducted by the Rev Peter Hopkins. Cremation took place in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Hayley Smith, Alice Smith, Keven Bonner, Bernard Bonner, Christine Bonner, Julie Grant, Dean Grant, Tiffany Grant, Georgilea Grant, Colin Smith, Rita Smith, Al.

Other mourners included: Jay Madsen, Jeff Summerfield, Kieron Dixon, Keli Pilgrim, Charlie Berwick, Becka Welbourn, Emma Oakes, Chelsea Wilson, Dean Michniew, Natasha Vernon, Carly Measures, Kaylee Birch, Tanya Hallam, Kyarna Priest, Louise Searle, Stacey Beck, Kristy Wass, David Mohany, Brian Kelly, Helen Creek, Vic King, Tony and Barbara Young, Rob King, Mr and Mrs Full, Lotty McLean, Tom Dawson, Desiree Page, Leona Grave, Kevin Sentence, Louise Bostock, Jamie Fardell, Sam Clarke, Reuben and Susan Keeley, Andrew Pacey, Tracey Madsen, Wayne Keeton, Caroline Palmer, Annette Smith, Michael and Joy Brearley, Carol Bartram, Sophie Spiby, James Needham, Sarah Adlington, Leanne O’Connor, Paris Gaskin, Ashley O’Meara, Sasha Moulson, Shakira Blackburn, Sian Lush, Luke Adams, Craig Wilson, Tom Bishop, Chris Clifford, Liz Morrison, Richard Maddocks, Faye Atkinson, Emma McDonald, Beth Brown, Carla Hardy, Em and Bailey Green, Amber Fowler, Malcolm Hayes, Ray Toon, Fred Bowles, Gail Dawson-James, Barbara Toon, Madge Stenson, Katherine Robertson, Danielle Bellamy, Shannon Robertson, Sophie Leaming, Natalie Tolan, Louise Ross, Jas O’Connor, Martin McClean, Matt Claridge, Steve Mew, Mick Greenwood, Mr and Mrs A. Smith, Curly Curtis, Jane Jackson, Ben Rhodes, Connor Hudson, Matt Clark, Lucy Tales, Daniel Hoy, Josh Deakin, Adam Corbett, Toby Atkinson, Casey Page, Darren Burden, Rob Harmsworth, Donna Smith, Lewis Smith, Sam Degnan, Adam Brewin, Jill McAndrew, Carol Damon, Toni Gabriel, Jeanie Ayton, Kirstie Guy, Jamie Paddison, Ryan Atkinson, Ryan Rowarth, Sean Page, Nick Page, Liam Page, Jade Hawkins, Melanie Mason, Leah Holmes, Charlotte Parry, Shelley Bolland, Jodi Bolland, Rachel Squires, Susan Squires, Nev Squires, Kelly Clarke, Scarlett Hamilton, Mandy Renshaw, Terry Smith, Robert Lockton, Zowie Buck, Carolyn Scothern, Paris Scothern, Ian Summerfield, Michael Hales, Julia Jones, Charlotte Jones, Chris Birch, Steve Birch, Evie Harrington, Steve Iwanek, Sam Hodgkinson, Jake Gill, Tommy Smith, Jake Taylor, Wayne Dowell, Mark Fardell, Nick McNulty, Ann Kerr, Barry Grundy, Sherrie Coe, Marie Storey, Sam Kenny, Tony Byrne, Dane Gill, Peter Morrison, Liz Morrison, Adam Buff, James Merlin, Keia Jull, Sam Johnson, Laura Hitch, Selina Hitch, Patrick Clark, Siobhan Porter, Jade Johnson, Katie Calcraft, Sarah Lee, Adriana Green, Anthony Green, Natalie Marshall, Lana Marshall, Lisa Hoyes, Helen Foster, Deborah Hoyes, Jodie Holmes, Adi Lagdon, Mark Newton, Rachael Newton, Alan Tomlinson, Susan Bonner, Sharon Styllianou, Mick Bridges, Josie Bridges, Tracey Macdonald, Troy Macdonald, Lisa Gill, Charlotte Bradley, Darren Gray, Kelly Gray, Julian Robertson, Jordan Robertson, and Louise.