Obituary: Mr Herbert Edward Pearce

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Mr Herbert Edward Pearce, of Harrowby Lane, Grantham, has died at home. He was 86.

Mr Pearce was born in Grantham.

Canon Alan Haydock conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Pamela Pearce, Peter Pearce, Judith Pearce, Linda Pearce, Henry Pearce and Natalie Hall.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Hall, Mr and Mrs J. Cox, Mrs Heggitt, Mr and Mrs Leonard, Sheila and Leslie Hows, Mike Siggee, Ron Corradine, Dave and Babs Wilson, Mr and Mrs Gardecki, Rob and April, Mark Pearce, Duncan Bateson, Norma Carrick, June and Ron Batty, Geoff Watson, Harry Watson, Mr Preston, Mr Thirtle, Mandy Allison, Mike Sheppard, Darren Edwards, David and Donna Fox, Kevin and Ian Parke, Jim Huckerby, Russell Chappell, Neville and Adele Hibbitt, Carl Pashley, Joyce Barnes, Stephen Pearce, Richard Parker, Nadine Wright, Trudie Sampson, Dave Squires, Hilary Pearce, Mark and Linda Weatherstone, Mark Loveridge, James Loveridge, Jake Loveridge, Chris Walters, Mr and Mrs R. King, Mary Down, Dieter Drechsler, David Pickup, Paul Short, Julie Short, Wendy and Derek Kime, Lois Wood, Hilary Harte, Bet Knowles, Chris Fixter, May Bates, Doug Atter, Pat King, Rachael Ford, Darren Short, Louis Soames, Hannah Short, Chantel Short, Mrs Mayfield, Mrs Pearce, Doreen Cobb, Natalie Boywright, Julie Kerr, Alan Atter, Coun Stokes, Charlotte Bradley, Charlotte Miles, Mr and Mrs Peel, Mark Wilson, Susan Wilson, Mr and Mrs Day and Mr and Mrs Nadollek.

Funeral arrangements were by David Holland Funeral Directors, London Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for St Barnabas Hospice.