Obituary: Mr Howard Michael Imber

Obituary: Mr Howard Michael Imber
Obituary: Mr Howard Michael Imber
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Mr Howard Michael Imber, of Longcliffe Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 82.

He was born, educated, played, and lived for 30 years under the shadow of St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham.

Mr Imber was proud to be a Granthamian. Family life with his wife Pauline and their boys Austen, Iain and their families was always his priority.

The Rev Stuart Cradduck conducted the service at St Wulfram’s Church. This was followed by private cremation.

Friends, Peter Townsend and Robert Brownlow paid tribute to his career in the building industry and in the world of entertainment as a comedy script writer. His sporting activities and community involvements including, the King’s School, and the Round Table movement were highlighted with wit and humour as befitted the man.

Family mourners included: Pauline Imber, Austen, Tracy and Jamie Imber, Iain, Varsha, Ivan and Isaac Imber, Diana Imber, Carol Harris (nee Imber), partner David and son Ollie. Sally Imber, Ron and Heather Corradine, Malcolm and Denise Corradine, Tom Corradine, and Stuart Nunn.

Other mourners included: Alan Green, Chris Mitchell, Ann Shaw, Evelyn and Roger Latham, Robert, Roger and Ann Blakeman (Grantham 41 club), Alan Sands, Mike Charity, Sue Watton, Sharon Baxter, Annette Mills, Dr and Mrs Braunton. Jeff and Janet Thompson, Sue and Roy Coleman. Jean and John Cooper, Frank Bolton. Sue and Neil Hamilton, David Frankish. June Cook, Mandy Taylor, Mary Lodge, Marilyn and Peter Mann, Patrick McLeavy, Sue Willis, Christine Coulson, Rosie Whitney. Jake Brindley, Nigel and Jackie Pantling, Mike Toon. Cathy and Derek Mitcham. Jennie and David Bullock. Dick Kirk. Michael Rogers, Andy Anderson, Val York, June Bennett. Anne and Michael Matsell, Helen Winter, Geoff and Cecilia Winter, David and Janet Arms, Janet Gregory, Grace Andrew, Robert and Mary Brownlow, Wendy Burns, Gail Spencer, Angus Shaw, Eric Latham, Jeanette Vigurs nee Latham, Angie and Alan Cox, Mr and Mrs Sissins, Brian Taylor, Peter Hill, Geoff and Jill Turner, Elizabeth Frobisher, Mr and Mrs Peter White, Mr and Mrs Howard Cook, Audrey and Geoff Middleditch, Elaine Bedford, Pam and John Down, Audrey and Bob Mitchell, Margaret and Brian Dodwell, John and Valerie Taylor, Mary Duggan, Navin Kukadia, Sanjiv Kukadia, Trevor Turton, Harry Green, Anne Swarbrick, Alice Epton, David Sprawson, Mrs and Mrs Scott, Katie Coulson, Paul and Vicky Jones, Stephanie Bishop, Eric and Muriel Chappell, Ruth Crook, Dr Derek Lee. Keith and Jil Hiley, Daphne Morton, Peter Fletcher, Graham Watkin, Veronica Keeley, Bob Jeffries (Grantham Music Club), Eileen Aspray, Joan Parnham, Sue Singleton, David Brown, Geoff Willers, Frank Headley (Head of the King’s School), Alison Cook, Delia Hearmon, James and Kate Money, Dennis Greaves, Susan Watkin, Jennifer Pye, Yvonne and Howard Porter, Peter and Sheila Armstrong, Sylvia Kevan, Heather Taylor, Brian Hodson, Jan and Mike Beckett, David and Elaine Green, Keith and Beryl Knox, Jan Stanton, Mr and Mrs Wallace, Diana Platts, Alan and Barbara Limb, Rod Tyler, David and Sue Valerio, Chris Pettit, Matthew Spoors, Trevor Leeson, Jean and Michael Syddall, Malcolm Knapp, Ian Shaw, Sheila Marsh, Elizabeth Bowskill, Courtney and Elizabeth Finn, Jill Casey, Joan Lincoln, Peter and Judith Townsend, Brian Buttery, Jean Doubleday, Sue Redmile, Andre Finney, Nick Lawson, and Jane Sharp.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Stroke Association amount to £862 to date.