Obituary: Mr Ian David Nicholson

Obituary: Mr Ian David Nicholson
Obituary: Mr Ian David Nicholson
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Mr Ian David Nicholson has died at his home. He was 75.

Born in Grantham in 1938, he was the second child of Aubrey and Doris Nicholson. The family lived on Dysart Road, near to his two cousins, Colin and Janet Woods.

Mr Nicholson attended Earlesfield Primary School, the National School and Huntingtower Secondary Modern School.

He had a lifelong love of animals and gardening. He kept chickens, ducks, rabbits and cats.

When he was 11/12 years of age he helped a local cattle dealer and also helped out at a local flower shop.

He joined the Post Office two days before the coronation and apart from his National Service - where he was a cook in the Sergeants’ Mess in Germany - he worked there for 50 years, as a telegram boy, postman and driver on the rural rounds.

Mr Nicholson had been involved with St Wulfram’s Church for over 60 years as a choir boy and sidesman.

He met Janet in 1959 and they were married in St Wulfram’s Church in 1963. They celebrated their golden wedding in February last year.

They have a son Simon and a daughter Claire, followed later by a much-loved grandson James.

Mr Nicholson enjoyed walking his beloved dog, Archie, daily, in all weathers.

Since his retirement he visited Melton Mowbray cattle market each Tuesday, where he met up with his farmer friends.

The funeral service was held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev June Rowland.

Family mourners included: Janet Nicholson, Simon and Lisa Nicholson, Claire and Adrian Tween, James Nicholson, Edward and Carol Nicholson, Colin and Jo Woods, Janet and Barry Morley, Bryan Church, Derek and June Church, Jill Church, Roy Church, Christopher Church, and Eileen Church.

Other mourners included: Edward Nickerson, Marilyn Handley-Bruce, Rock Odling, Rachel Odling, M. Thundercliffe, A. Thundercliffe, Sandy Powell, Mr J. Dempster, Mrs Z. Dempster, Val York, June Bennett, Margaret Adcock, Rachel Adcock, Catherine Staff, Malcolm Hall, Ann and Jack Stafford, Andy Coe, Michael Townsend, Margaret Towns, Fran Priestley, Neil Potter, Mark Beecham, David Black, Gren and Val Carter, Maureen Bartlett, Anne and Keith Tomlinson, Maureen Sharp, Michael Sharp, Dave and Monica Green, Chris and Shirley Ward, Ted and Joan Baty, Gary Rollings, Stuart Bullock, Winnie Barnes, Alan Green, Norman and Jose Thorpe, Brenda Brown, Stephen Brown, Peter Davey, Miss M. S. Clegg, Marlene and Mike Scrimshaw, Matthew Atkinson, Margaret Gibson, Jeff Ellis, Susie Taylor, Mr and Mrs R. Woodward, John and Paulette Garrill, Brian Cross, Frank Porter, Miss M. Swann, Gill and Les Rollings, Elaine and David Edley, Carol Milne, Mr D. Richardson, John and Yvonne Prenderville, Graham Singleton, Lyndsay Critchley, and Maj and Mrs Peter Lamp.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations were received for St Wulfram’s Spire Fund.