Obituary: Mr J. A. Lowe

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Mr Jason Anthony Lowe, of Uplands Drive, Grantham, has died at his home. He was 40.

Born in Knaith, Gainsborough, Mr Lowe leaves a wife, Louisa, and children Tom, Rosie, Ethan and Lilly and a brother, John. He worked at Screwfix, then as a self-employed plumber. His hobbies included fly fishing and hatching and raising chickens and quails.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium, conducted by Andrew Key.

Family mourners included: Louisa Lowe, John Lax, Kathleen Lowe, Melvin Lowe, John Lowe and Mandy Lowe.

Other mourners included: Carol Lowe, Sue Brazil, Mr T Allen, Shane Lowe, Lauren Simpson, Irina Zykova, Emma Kinsman, Kent Lee, Graham Limb, Linda Feneley, Nigel Smith, Robin Wright, Elizabeth McSorley, Zac Thulborn, Emily and Alice Dabrowski, Carl Tjepkema, Clive Leeson, Paul Crane, Fred Kettle, Susan Culligan, David Clark, Sharon Leeson, Simon Carter, Leigh hall, Trevor and Mary Smith, Sandra Fox, Caitlin Wright, Robert and Sue Lucas, Anncey Hayes, Dorian Hayes and Cassie Fiarry.

Funeral arrangements were by David Holland, London Road, Grantham. Donations amounting to £120 to date were made for the British Heart Foundation.