Obituary: Mr J. Hazlewood

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Mr John Hazlewood, of Bourne Road Estate, Colsterworth, has died in St Edmunds Nursing Home, Worcester Road, Grantham. He was 80.

Born in Colsterworth, he was the son of Jack and Daisy Hazlewood. He had one sister, Pat.

Mr Hazlewood married Sylvia and they went on to have a son, Gary and three grandchildren, David, Ashley and Isabelle.

Mr Hazlewood completed his National Service with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, serving in Germany.

He had worked as a welder and finished his working life as a coach driver, doing tours.

His interests included football and cricket. He enjoyed reading and watching motor sports. He was a member of the Royal British Legion Grantham branch and the Lincolnshire branch of the REME Association, having served as chairman and standard bearer for both organisations.

The Rev Eric Lomax conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Sylvia Hazlewood, Gary and Laura, David and Ashley, Pat Parker, Philip and Dawn Parker, Louise Parker, Jay Kirby, Heather, Charlotte and Dana Temple, Jason Dickinson, Richard Hazlewood, Dorothy Hazlewood, Lorna Brooks, Mark and Rhona Scott, Dawn Whiteside, Ken Scott, Nigel Scott, Daphne McBride, Susan Stevens, Mr and Mrs M. Howlett, Mr J. Howlett, Mr and Mrs A. Dickinson.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs S. Mallalieu, Mrs A. Wheatley, Mr C. Wheatley, Michelle Hazlewood, Mr and Mrs G. Meads, Mr and Mrs M. Rippen, Mr and Mrs R. Henry, Mr and Mrs A. Chapman, Mr and Mrs D. Haywood, Graham Mathews, Mr and Mrs W. Cole, Karen Pick, Mr and Mrs J. Knightall, John Talbot, Mrs V. Eddington, Mr A. Reece, Peggy and Ray Taylor, Greta Hayward, John Green, Tom and Betty Selby, Mary Neale, Mr and Mrs C. T. Atter, Edna Parkin, Connie and Harry Craven, Chris and Jane Gardiner, John Wright, David and Lorraine Jones, Mr and Mrs Pocklington, Carol Ticehurst, Mr and Mrs Charlton, Mr and Mrs Bond, Mr and Mrs Cliff, Mr and Mrs R. Marriott, Mr Dickinson, Eddie Compton, Julie and John Ross, Geoff Cox, Pat Parker, Dawn Parker, Louise Parker, Philip Parker, Frank Howarth, Mr and Mrs Brumpton, Mr and Mrs Warren, Julie Allen, Hugh McGhee, Lorna Brooks, Dorothie Hazlewood, Geoff Robotham, John Robotham, David Jones, Mr Williamson, William March, John Joyce, Ethel and Ray Henry, Stanley Birch, Andrew Matusiak, Rose Lee, Ray Fenn, Norah Zachowicz, Alek Zachowicz, Philippa and Alan Jessop, Roy Church, Mike and Jenny Shepherd, Peter Weatherall, Susan Stevens, Dawn Whiteside, Noel and Shirley Sims, Mr S> Mann, Harold Martin, Mr and Mrs Haywood, Daphne McBride, Nigel Scott, Mr Mullins, Roy Morris, Malcolm Saunby, Mr and Mrs J. Seymour (Pinchbeck RBL), Jean Cox, Roy Ingamells, Frank Winfield, Alan and Ann Chapman, Simon Jessop, Eric Hobbs, Jean and George Meads, Mr and Mrs C. Goode, John Lloyd (Doncaster), Ian TIlson (Doncaster), Alan Churchill, Jean Churchill, Mr B. De’ath, Michael Needham, Nadine Wright, Michelle Hazlewood, Susan Skewis, David Rowan (Doncaster), Barry Woodward (Doncaster), Gerry Wright, Chris Dexter, Peter Bullen, Ron Frisby, William Jackson, Peter Hepsall, Charles and Amelia Bennett, Elaine Frampton, Ray Atter, Mr and Mrs W. Cole, Mr Hazlewood, Mr Ashton, Mr and Mrs T. Seal, Mr A. R. P. Goodwin (BEM Lincs County Chairman), and Mrs J. Goodwin, together with standard bearers from the Grantham branch Royal British Legion; Lincolnshire and Doncaster branches of the REME Association and many friends from both organisations.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Grantham branch Royal British Legion and Lincolnshire branch of the REME Association.