Obituary: Mr John Frederick Baxter

Obituary: Mr John Frederick Baxter
Obituary: Mr John Frederick Baxter
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Mr John Frederick Baxter has died in Grantham Hospital after a short illness. He was 68.

He was born in Grantham Hospital in May 1945, the son of Jack and Elsie.

He grew up in Gunby with his six brothers and sisters.

In August 1967 he married Sylvia and they had two children, Colin and Tracey.

Mr Baxter’s final employment was at Sewstern Sawmill.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Sylvia Baxter, Yasmine Baxter, Colin Baxter, Gemma Hiam, Tracey-Baxter-Dixon, Ian Williams, Freddie Osbourne, Jed Dixon, Paige Isaac and Chris Isaac.

Other mourners included: Mr P. Cox, Mrs J. Bains, Mr C. Hiam, Miss E. Mole, Mr De’ath, Mr A. Peters, Mr and Mrs M. E. Exton, Mr T. Ward, Mr S. Walker, Mr and Mrs P. Flower, Mr L. Swan, Don Baxter, Brian Elsom, Olli Wood, Kevin Hayes, Steve Clark, Bill and Julie Plant, Jim Cox snr, Jim Cox jnr, Rosy Baxter, Crystal Medcalf, David Medcalf, Trish Burton, John Bennet, Dean Bennet, Des Adams, Antony Rawson, Jonathan Thompson, Deborah Thompson, Charles Thompson, Shelley Jackson, Linda Thompson, Edward Hardcastle, Perry Arndt, Jo Slack, John and Caroline Robinson, Edward Robinson, Louise Robinson, Jonathan Watchorn, Emma and Catherine Gardner, Gilbert Smith, Mr and Mrs T. Selby, Mr A. Jeffries, Mr D. Goodliffe, Viv Cairns, Mr E. Plant, Tracy Hall, Tilly Hall, Mr and Mrs S. Wright, Simon Hazard, Joe Grindal, Mr G. Gaskin, Charlie Patte, Pete Weston, Sandy Stafford, Mr M. Harris, Mrs M. Daft, Mr D. Harris, Mr and Mrs S. C. Voyle, Mr P. Arndt, Miss Sharp, Mr J. Grant, John Hardy, Stu Mogg, Alison Cathie, Ian Curtis, Ken Masters, Jill Masters, Mr and Mrs Vincent, Katie Addlesee, Ben Addlesee, Nick Whiley, Mr M. Selby, Mr N. Shelford, Mrs A. J. Cox, Mrs S. A. Chambers, Mr and Mrs B. Selby, Mr G. Watkins, Michael and Elizabeth Goodacre, Carol Hopcroft, Mr and Mrs Craythorne, Mr and Mrs P. Arndt, Roger Stafford, Robert Clavering, Mr and Mrs D. Shevlin, Sharon Baxter, Jessie Wand, John Clarke, Mr and Mrs J. A. Hart, Chris Marshall, Heather Sacker, Anne Sacker, Michael and Linda Addlesee, Mary Arlington, Hazel Winter, Nina Halsey, Lesley Rose, Michael and Sally Watkin, Jenny Arnold, Kevin Gray, Wez Watkin (Associated Timber Services), Brian Rippon, Mr and Mrs Freeman, Mr Lee, Neil Slack, Sam Slack, Roger Bishop, Mr and Mrs S. Hopcroft, Glenn Johnstone, John Smith, Jeff Shelford, Mr P. Shelford, Trevor and Carol Carter, Mick Bashford, Denise Reed, Julia Panchmatia, Saffie Holmes, Ann Kelly, Jeff and Lillian Goodliffe, Mark and Kate Bygott, Kevin Goodliffe, Derek Addlesee, Marie Mitchell, Bruce Tilley, Holly Burrows, Martin and Sue Tweedle, Martin and Louise Leeton, Colin Hopcroft, Becky Palmer, Sandy and Andy Goodacre, Nick Barker, Mr and Mrs Wilsher, Pam Mapletoft, Julie Allen, Jillian Dexter, Lynda Wesson, Phillip Harold, David and June Baxter, and Mr P. Arndt.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.