Obituary: Mr L. G. Walton

Mr Les Gordon Walton
Mr Les Gordon Walton
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Mr Les Gordon Walton, of Wilsford, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 84.

Mr Walton was born in Ancaster, the son of Charles and Violet Walton.

He married Barbara in 1953 and they recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

They had one son, Colin, daughter-in-law Lorraine and two grandchildren, Kate and Neil.

Mr Walton spent his National Service serving with the Royal Signals.

He worked for Aveling Barford for 45 years as a fitter in the machine shop. He then worked at Stamford Construction for eight years.

Music was one of his interests and for many years he organised dances in Wilsford, raising money for charity. He played keyboard and organ and had also spent many years in a group with other family members.

In his younger days he played football for Aveling Barford, Ancaster and Wilsford and was a former secretary of Wilsford Football Club.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Wilsford, conducted by the Rev June Freshney. Burial followed in Wilsford cemetery.

Family mourners included: Barbara Walton, Colin and Lorraine Walton, Kate Walton and Joe Thompson, Neil Walton and Kellan Nye, Pam, Mark and Julie Jackson, Lucy Jackson and Zeph Brown, Helen Orbell and Lesley Montgomery, Barry and Angela Riddle, Sarah Riddle, Peter, Diane and Sarah Toulson, Michael and Sue Walton, Trevor Walton, Tina and Michelle Walton and Emma McMullan.

Other mourners included: Henry Tickler, Mr and Mrs D. Neaverson, Rosie Smith, Mr and Mrs J. Woods, Mr and Mrs Challis, Ida Holmes, Reg and Betty Groves, Mr Cram, Mrs Cram, Jane Barnett, Mrs Slater, Pamela Armstrong, Margaret and Neil Potter, Jane and Tony Priestley, Mick Harrison, Faye Healey, Robin Moses, Sandra Moses, Max Millner, Rita and Len Perryman, Vicky Wright, Malcolm Houghton, Chris and Sue Blankley, Clifford and Alison Wood, Wendy and Brian Else, Helen Middlebrook, Ian and Carole Wing, John Williams, Trevor Churcher, Mr and Mrs D. Fisher, Beryl Allen, Dave and Paula Robinson, Linda Taylor, Craig Taylor, J. Dawson, Beris Brickles, Marilyn Wormall, Mrs P. Garrad, Terry Mosley, Mr and Mrs D. Blankley, Paul Larne, Audrey Baxter, John Firman, Di Fairhead, Freddie Bristow, Rose Elliott, Jenny Harrison, Michael Harrison, Russell and Margaret Beever, Rhoda Bradford, Freda Bradford, Ron Sheridan, Peter and Beryl Craik, Steve and Pauline Kemp, Maureen Brealey, Trevor Blankley, Helen Smith, Jacky Scott-Combs, George and Ann Fletcher, Mr and Mrs J. Dores, Maureen Gallagher, Frank Mitchell, Mrs S. Oswin, Mavis Glenn, Colin and Shirley Hammond, Ena Brickles, John and Barbara Berry, Doris Winter, Mr R. Elliott, Mr C. Elliott, David and Betty Wass, Deborah Gallagher, Tony and Barbara Young, Mr and Mrs Pick, Nona Anderson, Denis and Myra Butters, Phyllis Townsend, Mark and Christine Holmes, Marie Harrison, Clarice and Reg Statham, Vera and Ron Wright, Maureen Kemp, Jim Cook, Trevor Baker, Joyce Phillips, Lynn Mudie, Betty Engledow, Nic and Jacky Clements, Sally Gibbs, Sue Cotterill, Sam Burrows, Jeana and John Hopkins, Marie Wightman, Susie Lawrence, Dave and Margaret Wing, Mrs Bristow, Mr Temple, Mr and Mrs Priestley, Mr and Mrs J. Dawson, Kev and Val Blankley, Daniel Blankley, Gemma Blankley, Keith and Gill Corner and Mr and Mrs H. Blankley.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance amount to £501 to date.