Obituary: Mr Lionel Edward Footitt

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Mr Lionel Edward Footitt, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 79.

Born in Corby Glen in August 1935, he was the son of George and Rose Footitt and one of eight children.

He leaves his wife Jane, two daughters Verity and Lisa and grandchildren Yasmin, Gavin, Megan and Joshua.

After leaving school Mr Footitt worked for a local butcher.

He then spent two years completing his National Service.

Mr Footitt had worked for the racing team BRM in Bourne and later in life he ran his own taxi service.

His interests included Formula One motor racing and gardening.

The Rev David Creasey conducted the funeral service at St John’s Church, Corby Glen. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Jane Footitt, Verity Wright, Lisa Johnson, Megan Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Yasmin Wright, Pat Wise, Bernard Wise, Peter Footitt, Sheila Footitt, Rona Robinson, Derek Robinson, Amanda Robinson, Emma Robinson, John Malkin and Karen Machin.

Other mourners included: John Ashford, Mr A. Hall, Mr and Mrs Watton, Terry Fox, Mike Dixon, Roger Jackson, Dick Latter, Teresa Jaques, Dave Stubley (BRM), Jane and Nigel Capell, Malc and Jacki Bowden, Sally and David Fox, Margaret Footitt, Paul Johnson, Mr and Mrs Bartram, Mick Rollings, David Porter, Rosemary and Dennis Page, Terry Clayton, Geoff and Jean Abbott, Barry Barton, Richard Halsey, Ann Monk, Jim Pullen, John Bromfield, Mr E. Cooper, John Gregory, Jane Potter, Nick Footitt, Jean and John Drake, Audrey Lamin, Jade Mathews, Pete Haslow, Neil Strickson, Jan Gilbert, Mr and Mrs P. Drury, Reg Richardson, Wendy Reynolds, Sharon Harwood, Keir Sandle, Sam Stray, John Clarke, Terrence Clarke, David Fowler, Margaret Garner, Madeline Smith, Kevin Oakes, John and Jamie Webster, Pat and Bernard Wise, Carolyn and Kevin Peasey, Tanya Pullen, Nicki Graham and children, Angela and David Millard, Michael Lyon, Roger Barsby, Ian Footitt, Norah Louth, Mr and Mrs Richard Allitt, Mr and Mrs G. Brown, Charles Archer, Jason Lewis, Helen Gilbert, Olivia Drury, Michael Payne, Allan Footitt, Mr and Mrs J. Dawson, Richard Joyce, Andy Hardy, Mrs F. Slator, Fred Hand, Stephen Footitt, Mrs Baines, Jasmine Wright, Wayne Armstrong, Tony Brutnell, Derek Sellars, Dave Fox, Brian Halsey, Alan Lidierth, John Thorpe, Janice Thorpe, Ian Kennedy, Roger and Julie Millward, and Carl Harris,

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for The Dogs Trust.