Obituary: Mr N. Bennett Weston

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Mr Norman Bennett Weston, of Colsterworth, and formerly of Stainby, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 94.

Born in Stainby, he was the eldest of three boys. His brothers have predeceased him.

After leaving the King’s School, Grantham, he started to train as an electrical engineer at Metropolitan Vickers, Manchester. During his time there he pursued a hobby of potholing. World War Two intervened and he was called up to the Royal Air Force, where he worked on aircraft, including wiring their instrument panels.

Immediately after the war he volunteered to go to Japan for six months.

He met and married Joan and they started farming together in 1951, eventually carrying on the family farm in Stainby. They had four children, Eve, Jon, Sue and Peter.

Mr Weston was elected twice as a councillor for South Kesteven District Council and also served on the parish council and was involved with Stainby Church.

He loved travel and drove to many places around Europe and ventured to Morrocco and Russia. He also enjoyed the theatre, especially musicals.

Mr Weston had an unfailing thirst for knowledge and in later life he attended language and computer classes. He was known for his sense of humour, shown by his choice of music on his exit from the funeral service, Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

The Rev Tom Broadbent conducted the funeral service at St Peter’s Church, Stainby, followed by private burial in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Eve Weston, Sue Heighton, Jon Weston, Peter Weston, V. J. MacDonald, Hannah Weston, Felicity Heighton, James Weston, Joe Weston, Toby Weston, Colin Heighton, Sue Weston, Sandy Stafford, Carley Measures, Alasdair MacDonald, Leon Holdgate, Craig Venus, Audrey Weston, Ann Weston, Sarah Turtle, Lee Turtle, Jane and Megan Franklin, John and Ann Fletcher.

Other mourners included: Melanie Baines, Penny Spencer, Greta Hayward, John Green, Ann Johnson, Phyllis Howitt, Mr and Mrs B. Handley, Michael and Anita Spencer, Simon Wray, Karen Pick, Ray and Peggy Taylor, Kevin and Gill Walker, John Spencer, Vic Kerr, Ann Brown, Mr and Mrs Blankley, Lynne Price, Mr and Mrs V. Mitchell, Mr and Mrs M. Hibbins, Martin Taylor, Nigel, Janet and Viv Aitken, Johnathan, Deborah and Charles Thompson, Linda Thompson, Anthony Rawson, Sally Farnsworth, Nick Burton, Stuart Whatton, Sue Harmer, Debbie Ellis, Bill Tilley, Gail O’Connor, Raymond Tilley, Bruce Tilley, Mr and Mrs J. Dawson, Mr and Mrs F. Hodgson, Geoffrey Bishop, Neville Hodson, John and Julia Hinks, Ian and Judy Coupland, Ann Fowler, Sally Johnson, Vanessa Cherryl, Joanna Slack, John Hanham, Derrick Hamilton-Hinds, Arthur Carsley, Mrs Stainsby, Stephen and Marilyn Rawson, Beryl Dickinson, Mrs J. Bullock, Jackie and Stef Harrison, Betty Neal, Gillian Dexter, Anita Pepperdine, Linda Mason, Jane Davison, Alison Gemmell, Robert Clavering, Margaret Bellamy, Phil Preston and Linda Moss, Cathy Charlton, Ian Williamson, Tim Harwood, Tracy Adderley, Steve Bacon, Val Bigwood, Robert McPhail, Timothy Wright, Norman Davis, Stewart Sacker, Graham Thorp, Jo Barratt, Paul Spence, David Smith, Marco and Mave Bijester, David Makins and Paul Noon.

Funeral arrangements were by Geeson Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham. Donations to the RNLI, the WWF and Stainby church amount so far to more than £900. Donations are still being collected and can be sent to Geeson Funeral Directors.