Obituary: Mr Noel Sims

Mr Noel Sims
Mr Noel Sims
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Mr Noel Sims, of Stainby Road, Colsterworth, has died at home. He was 81.

Mr Sims was born in Colsterworth in 1932 and lived in the village all his life. He was husband to Shirley for 55 years.

After finishing school he went to work for Cecil Blankley at Gem Coaches due to his fascination with lorries, cars, and machines in general and attended college part-time to learn mechanics.

In 1952 he joined the Army for his National Service with the 76th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, stationed on the Isle of Wight, where he later honeymooned with his wife.

He left the Army having gained his full bus licence and returned to work for Gem Coaches. Four years later he left Gem to join British Steel, where his wife Shirley worked. He then set-up in business as A1 Motors and Engineering and recovered vehicles involved in collisions and break-downs in the area. Mr Sims was highly skilled and respected in his work, and helped many people throughout his life due to his kindness and generosity. He enjoyed taking trips out in the car and daily walks in the village.

The funeral service was held at St John the Baptist Church in Colsterworth, conducted by the Rev Eric Lomax. Burial followed at School Lane, Colsterworth.

Family mourner was Shirley Sims.

Other mourners included: Amanda Skellet, Carol and Steve Hodgkinson, Andrew Bennett, Richard Bolland, Robin Gunnett, Andrew Gunnett, Angela Green, Josephine Hill, Greta Hayward, Barry Selby, Eileen Lewin, Harry and Margaret Spires, Maurice Snowball, Brian Kirkland, Leonard Wright, Albert and Margaret White, Andy Nash, Dawn Dickson, Stanley Szyszka, Betty Neal, Coun Ian Selby, Kathleen Biggs, Alan Taylor, Colin Dickinson, Alex, William and Gary Selby, Sylvia and Albert Coleman, Bill Meads, Mr and Mrs D. Robinson, Jennifer Arnold, Brenda Selby, Jan Mowvley, Philip Ellington, Mr McKnight (Fellows Cafe), John Joyce, Brian and Pauline Taylor, Peter Smith, Sue and David Bingham, Gilbert Smith, John Spencer, David and Andy Mitchell, Sylvia Hazelwood, Ken Scott, Ray Bennett, Judith Gardener, Clive and Wendy Atter, Ann Bottomley, Bob Skelton, Michael Blackmore, Mr W. H. Jackson, John Wise, Neville and Christine Hodson, Mary Fawns, Eileen Wakefield, Tony Simons, Mr and Mrs B. Halsey, Mrs J. Hudson, James Halsey, Ray and Peggy Taylor, Lynne and Richard Patte, Russell and Juliet Goulding, Paul Arndt, Bryn Taylor, Yvette Taylor, Frank Fields, Betty Smalley, Margaret Garner, Roy Burden, Nick Moss, Leonard Green, Helen and Bill Scorror, Mark Mowvley, Dorothy Gunnett, Vic Gunnett, John Scorror, Mr and Mrs M. Slant, the Rev and Mrs Thorold, Mr M. Turner, Mrs L. Selby, Barbara and Ray Selby, George and Lynn Wing, John Green, Bill and Gill Senescall, Sheila and Vince Mitchell, Debbie Bland, Alan Footitt, John and Margaret Bell, Alan Jessop, Gillian Clayton, Michelle White, Chris Chadwick, Audrey Wheatley, Maurice Vinter, and John Love.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Marie Curie Cancer Care.