Obituary: Mr P. A. Browett

Obituary: Mr P. A. Browett
Obituary: Mr P. A. Browett
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Mr Paul Anthony Browett, of Elm Grove, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 68.

Born in Oakham, Rutland, he was the eldest son of the late Win and Dick Browett. He is survived by his siblings Lorraine, Angela, Darrel and Gaylian. His older sister, Sandra has pre-deceased him.

He met Cheryl in 1963 and they were married in 1968. They had two sons, Matthew and Mark and subsequently daughters-in-law, Kelly and Lisa and grandsons Oliver and Charlie, whom he called his “best boys”.

In 1960 he started work at Dixon’s furniture shop, and remained there until 1979, when he went to work for Industrial Engine Sales, staying with the company through various name changes and its move to Belton. He retired in 2011 due to ill health, after 30 years’ service.

In the early 1970s Mr Browett, along with Bruce Robinson and Mick Kightley, raced grass track cars with moderate success.

He played darts for Gonerby Social Club and loved all sports, later turning to golf, and becoming a member of Belton Park Golf Club and Autocraft Industries Golf Society.

Mr Browett liked to watch sport on television, reading and socialising with his friends and family. He also enjoyed holidays and days out and day trips out on heritage trains.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Cheryl Browett, Matthew and Kelly Browett, Mark and Lisa Browett, Lorraine and Mick Kightley, Angela and David Pretty, Darrel and Andrew Browett, Gaylian, Graham and Jon Sharpe, Nigel and Sue Kightley, Nick and Donna Kightley, Dean Kightley, Barry, Kate and Ben Holvey, Samantha Pretty and Steven Pretty.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs A. Whatley, Alan and Pamela Slater, Chris Templeman, Ken Temple (Blue), Bill and Gill Clarke, Jackie Edgley, Julie Burton, Mrs Barrowcliff, Mrs Thompson, Dyonn Martin, Michael Craven, Kevin and Nadine Geraghty, Mr and Mrs D. Welch, Mr and Mrs K. Welch, Phil Barrett, Mark and Sandra Toulmin-Rothe, Anne Prince, William McKee, Mr Crane, Stuart Gray, Mrs George, Ann Topps, Irene Wilson, Gill Hales, Amanda Payne, Betty Brooks, Janet Rattray, Kevin Eveleigh, Colin Brown, Andrew Widdowson, Steve Gibson, Lee Hall, Dave Harrison, Bib Ewing, John Pearce, Pete Green, Graham and Maureen Dawson, Gail and John Tupper, Steve Muxlow, Godfrey Brown, Sheila Holland, Glen and Kev Hickingbotham, Jill James, Mr J. Dawson, Mrs J. Dawson, Pamela Holden, Mr and Mrs R. Gosbee, Chris Simpson, Steve Harris, Mr and Mrs Summerfield, Ken and Joan Bramley, Dave Dobney, Bob Guymer, John and Diane Drew, Alan Cody, Graham Harte, Ayton Harte, Mr and Mrs K. Rowe, Jenny Doyle, Nigel and Julie Sandall, Rodney and Margaret Henson, Dean Eldred, Mr and Mrs D. French, Mr Edge (Grantham Aviation Society), Rosemary McKnight, Mr McKnight, Mr and Mrs A. Clark, Elsie and George Short, Terry Bond, Phil Read, Mr and Mrs R. A. Weavers, Tony Hardy, Chris Cranfield, Stuart Amos, Jody Welch, Gail Welch, Christopher Amos, Geoff and Queenie Smith, Richard Bunn, Chris O’Connor, Tony Stevens, Mark Watchorn, Clive Fairbrother, M. Walsh, Colin and Marion Abbott, Stephen Geeson, Darren Gallway, Wayne Pearce, Martin Ryder, Lee Eveleigh, Darren Wall, Chris Hughes, Steve Drew, Dean Metheringham, John Gilbert, Carl Gilbert, Terry Winter, Ben Bayliss, Mr and Mrs A. Smith, Jason Keeley, Samantha Pretty, Chris Payne, Chris Sale, Sheila and Les Stancer, Pauline Coverley, Kay Smedley, Matthew Rands, Andrew Parker, Jason Dodwell, Martin Chambers, Kerry-Ann Chambers, Nick Turner, Louise Gwyther, Bruce Robinson, Sam Turner, Mark Dunlan, Mr and Mrs L. Gilbert, Mr D. Chambers, Kevin and Julie Bennett, Chris Gray, John Carpenter (Grantham Aviation Society), Maureen and Tony Saxby, Steve Gray, Vic King, Anthony Parker (Adge), Mark Garton, Mr and Mrs J. Welch, Nigel Gibson, G. Eland, Mr and Mrs P. Ebb, Mr and Mrs K. Parke, and J. Day.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance amount to £458.09 to date.