Obituary: Mr P. Cope

Obituary: Mr P. Cope
Obituary: Mr P. Cope
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Mr Peter Cope, of Newport Avenue, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 69.

Mr Cope was born in Grantham.

He married Joyce in 1967 and they had two children, Michael and Michelle.

His wife and son have predeceased him.

Mr Cope had worked for the Ford Motor Company and Humber McVeigh until moving to Christian Salvesen, from where he retired after almost 40 years’ service.

He enjoyed meeting his friends at the pub, playing snooker, pool or darts and watching the television soaps.

The Rev June Rowland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Mourners included: Michelle Cope (daughter), Gary Boothby, Marie Percival, Sarah Wood, Gary Wood, Katrina Oswin, Jean Drake, Bernadette Sculthorpe, Emma Meadows, Thomas Morgan, Chris Parker, Patrick Clarke, Michael McKeegan, Lindsey Gilbert, George and Linda Dykes, Victoria Smith, Courtney Grant, Jonathan Plowman, Paul Frazier, Sonia Scott, Sarah Mutch, Rob Clarke, John and Beryl Auckland, Jackie Lee, Bill Dwyer, George Lush, Sally Hollingsworth, Mr N. Hollingsworth, Jane Busby, Michael Cooke, Dianne McGrath, Tracy Dickson, Connor Dickson, Jamie Dickson, Barry Dagger, Irene Gadsby, Sam and Pat Simpson, Stephen Simpson, Ray and Jean Williams, Diane Darcey, Brian Haggard, Stephen Dowling, Tony Cox, Katie Barr, Angela McKiernon, Mr and Mrs Skerritt, Bill and Barbara Mowat, Alison and Martin Lister, Richard Askew, Russ Booth, Gary Edwards, Ray Toon, Simon Devereus, Rachael Bates, Brian and Elaine Sculthorpe, Yvonne Yates, Nic Pacey, John Boldock, Helen Slight, Paul Pigott, Ted Fowler, Isobell Fowler, Barry Hollingsworth, Stuart Winch, Sandra Hind, Robert Soar, Julian Cox, Derrick Cox, Sandra Cox, Michelle Webster, Bob Modrate, Deborah Walsh, Theresa and Thomas Malins, Julie King, Josie Goulsbra, Debbie Whittaker, Chris Lockton, Ray Toon, John Pakey, Nigel Mowat, Heather Harrison, Nick Harrison, Mr and Mrs G. A. Gibson, Elaine Short, Kelly Short, John Rawby, and Peter and Valerie Houghton.