Obituary: Mr P. R. Allen

Obituary: Mr P. R. Allen
Obituary: Mr P. R. Allen
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Mr Peter Roy Allen, of Brittain Drive, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 80.

Mr Allen was born in Nottingham, the son of Mr and Mrs Edward Allen.

He was husband to Laura, father to eight children, grandad to 21 children and great-grandad to 19 children. He also leaves a brother.

Mr Allen had worked for BMARC, the electricity board and Padley’s.

His interests included films and golf.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Laura Allen, Roy Allen, Linda Moreton, Eddie Cole, John Allen, Wendy Allen, Paul Allen, Claire Allen, Susan Eales, Val Charles, Angela Vickers, Carl Vickers, Mark Allen, Joanne Allen, Lee Allen, Lisa Chadwick, David Chadwick, Tracey Moreton, Michael Morton, Michael Aird, Niall Allen, Rebecca Allen, Jamie Allen, Luke Allen, Ashleigh Allen, Dale Eales, Martyn Eales, Carly Eales, Darren Eales, Jo Eales, Vanessa Sheppard, Kelly Mayo, Hayley Catterson, Paul Mayo, Steven Catterson, Leanne Clarke, Lewis Vickers, Chris Clarke, Rbeecca Allen, Daniel Allen, Horace Allen, and Eunice and Pete Calcraft.

Other mourners included: Trevor Pawson, Margaret and George Pawson, Nancy Whitelocks, Jean and Charles Marshall, Karl Marshall, Stewart Bain, Graham Parkinson, Christine and Trevor Foss, Mr and Mrs Hewson, Mick and Steven Martin, Eunice Lawson, Mr and Mrs Tierman, Mr and Mrs P. Allen, Simon and Susan Harvey, Helen and John Harvey, Linda Waling, Kim and David Parker, Lynn Smith, Katie Thulborn, John Croft, Derek Auckland, Alan and Beryl Atter, Mr and Mrs R. Keightley, Mrs A. Sumner, Mr and Mrs Brumpton, Mrs Whatton, Sandra Allen, Keith Allen, Emma Whitelocks, Linda Piquet-Juan, Eddie Martin, Rowena and Stuart Bowers, Mr and Mrs K. Smith, Sue Richardson, Brenda Marriott, Lynna and Laura McKinnon, Sarah Cant, Paul and Sylvia Cant, George and Christine Watson, Sylvia Armstead, Mary Williamson, Stephanie Lockton, Steve Allen, Tracey Atter, Samantha Taylor, Julie Taylor, Lisa Heathershaw, Anne and Eric Worn, Paul Parkinson, Terry Parkinson, Amanda Johnston, Matthew Whitelocks, David and Ann Woodford, Julie Walker, Paul Maywood, Andrew Coldron, Tracy Whatton, Charles Craft and Barbara Parker.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation.