Obituary: Mr Peter Joseph James Hadlow

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Mr Peter Joseph James Hadlow, of Mount Street, Grantham, has died in St Barnabas Hospice, Grantham. He was 93.

Born in Grange Cottages, Barrowby, he was the eldest son of James and Sarah and brother to Bernard, Joan and Ann.

He was the beloved husband of Frances and proud father to Stephen, Frances, Paul, Vincent, Catherine, Richard and Clare. He has 17 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

Mr Hadlow was highly respected and admired by the church community and his family, who love and miss him.

He was an electrical engineer and spent most of his working life at BMARC, travelling the world as part of his job.

During the Second World War he he served in the Royal Air Force from 1939, aged 18. He spent four years as a PoW with the Japanese in Changi jail.

Mr Hadlow enjoyed judo and he became a black belt in the art. He also enjoyed his garden.

He served as Master of Ceremonies at St Mary’s Church for 83 years and had received two medals from the Pope.

Canon Anthony Dolan and Fr Michael Bell conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s RC Church, Grantham. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Frances and Frank Scott, Stephen Hadlow, Theresa Buhryn, Paul and Lynda Hadlow, Vincent and Helen Hadlow, Catherine and Arthur Smith, Clare Hadlow, Richard and Carol Hadlow, Kim, Danielle and Thomas Ashbee, Christian and Karen Scott, Jamie and Sonia Scott, James and Samuel Hadlow, Damian Hadlow, Lewis Hadlow, Angela Wallhead, Rachel Voght, Jessica Smith, Thomas Kelleher, Chloe and Benjamin Hadlow, Saffron Scott, Laura and Steven Evans, Lucy and Robert Lockton, Chris and Koren Hadlow, Peter Hadlow and Yvonne Short.

Other mourners included: Sylvia Armstead, Barbara Cooper, Marie and Steve Sparks, Sheila Holland, Helena Hurst, Ann McLarnon, Major and Mrs Gibson, David and Gill Mahoney, Mary and Arthur Hughes, Sadie Calpin, Dawn Hewerdine, Helen Walshaw, Edward Marris, V. Gordon, Joan Burrell, Pete and Mary Hutchinson, Mr and Mrs Lawton, Ray Crisp, Liam Spencer, Gwen Voght, Bill Jackson, Faith Anderson, Jim Anderson, Jean McCann, David Dunne, Sheila Clark, Julie Hadlow, Victoria Wakley, Sylvia Wakley, MJ Eldred, Therese Koper, Paul Burns, Christina Downes, Mary Davies, Pam Campbell, Eileen Scanlan, Lily and Len Rawding, Linda Ferguson, Kate Blankley, David Blankley, Evelyn Polls, Jan Walsh, Eileen McLarnon, Constance Pigott, Mrs Wilkinson, Jim Ashcroft, Mary Sentance, Richard Cooper, Susanne Govan, Barbara Carry, Ivan Rossiter, John Clawson, Frank Goulding, Shay Clarke, Margaret Diggins, Mary and Paddy Walsh, Helen Oldham, Dr David Davies, Philomena Davies, Fran Moreton, Fr Bell, Mrs Stainsby, Chris Leonard, Charlotte Conway, John Coffield, Mick Monaghan, Steve Conway, Mrs J. Kufluk-Thackery, Virginia Hutton, Anita Yates, Michelle Baker, Mary Treacy, Tom Krueher, Peter Balfe, Mary Duggan, Helen Low, Kevin and Gill Taylor, Paul Noon, Mr and Mrs Beard, Phil and Christine Duffy, Christine Leonard, Peter and Gail Kemp, Jim Robinson, Jennifer Low, Simon Spray, Maureen Robertson, Madge Robinson, Arthur Hughes, John Hatch, Mr and Mrs Toon, Philip Beck, Clare Beck, Paddy and Nicola Shevlane, Anne Trivett, Jude Geraghty, and Monica Cross.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.