Obituary: Mr R. Harwood

Mr Harwood
Mr Harwood
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Mr Reginald Harwood, of Cottesmore Close, Grantham, has died at home. He was 87.

Mr Harwood was born in Fishtoft, Boston, the youngest of seven. He had two brothers, Jack and George and four sisters, Eva, Fran, Bub and Rita.

He was father to Paul, Peter, Mark, Perrie and Beverley and was partner to Diane for 36 years.

Mr Harwood worked in the motor trade, firstly in Boston, until moving to Nottingham and then Grantham, where he eventually retired.

He enjoyed gardening, dog walking and boating holidays with Diane on Britain’s canals and waterways.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Madge Marshall-Brown.

Family mourners included: Paul and Jenny Harwood, Mark Harwood, Perrie Harwood, Allison Harwood, Di Woods, Alex Moran, Mr and Mrs P. Reeson, Janet Graves, R. and B. Borwell, Peter and Jill King, John and Pamela Whiting, Andrew Whiting, Christine Howard, Darren Harwood, Lilly Harwood and Corrine Turner.

Other mourners included: Yvonne and Howard Porter, David and Gill Porter, John Gibson, Jean Woods, Sarah Schofield, Mathew Schofield, Mr and Mrs P. Schofield, Tony and Kathleen Gostick, Russ and Lynn Booth, Sue Gould, Ron King, Bill and Gill Clark, Torrie Orilly, Shirley Leverett, Mary Smith, Natasha Smith, Geraldine Charles, Kaye Coupland, Christine Johnson, Lyndsey Jackson, Margaret Town, David Jackson, Stephen Johnson, Mrs Proctor, Karen Stallwood, Michael and Madeline Sentance, Rosemary Park, Sarah Cross, Shirley Dowson, Meryl Davies, Christine South, Neil South, Rex and Beryl Rollins, Audrey Rollins, David and Doreen Lester, Mr and Mrs G. Cole, E. Beesley, Diane Parish, John and Edna Allen, Sue Sykes, Patricia Large, Phil and Sylvia Mason, Brenda Marriott, Jane Lyon, Darren and Rachel Wright, Paul Rolling, Mr J. B. Smith, Ray Stinson, Louise Jacks, Debbie Buttigieg, Dawn Stephens, Sarah Layton, Gary Bowers, Mike and Karin Toon, Gavin and Jade Harwood and Juliana McLean.

Funeral arrangements were by Geeson Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for St Barnabas Hospice and the British Heart Foundation amount to £350 to date.