Obituary: Mr S. Snowball

Stuart Snowball
Stuart Snowball
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Mr Stuart Snowball, of Hill Avenue, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 79.

Born in Darlington, County Durham, he was the son of Norman and Elsie Snowball and brother to Marion, Trevor and the late Gordon.

Mr Snowball had worked for the Post Office, as a trolley-bus driver and salesman. After obtaining a degree in property management, he worked in the building department at Vauxhall College.

He was a keen sailor and took part in ocean yachting. He also danced with the Peggy Spencer Formation Team and was a member of the Trivani Accodion Band.

Following his marriage to Brenda, he moved to Grantham and worked as the Salvation Army Prison Chaplain at HMP Whatton.

He ran the Salvation Army Adventure Corps and over the years many young people were influenced by his leadership.

Mr Snowball started Grantham Prison Fellowship and was involved in many aspects of Salvation Army work, including the Christmas toy distribution.

His interests included DIY, breeding doves, music and art, and he was a member of the Elsham Singers and had recently joined the Painting for Pleasure Group.

The funeral service was held at the Salvation Army Citadel, London Road, Grantham, conducted by Maj Marta Ager and Pastor John Ferguson. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: Brenda Snowball, Trevor Snowball, Michael Hanchett, John Hanchett, Natalie Hanchett, Joshua and Rachel Brooks, Judith Brooks, Mark Handley, Joanne Handley, Jacob Brooks, Alan Snowball, Andrew Snowball, Christine and Geoff Staniforth, Duncan Staniforth, Heather Staniforth, Margaret Newman and Jim Newman.

Other mourners included: Jennifer Pye, Rachel Bowser, Helen Ryder, Steve and Linda Cornish, the Rev June Rowland, Heather White, Jack O’Dell, Jurgen Matussek, Dorothy and Alan Morton, Lydia and Rob, Katie-Ann, Daisy, Emily, Kayleigh and George, Kerri Cornish, Andrew Palmer, Moria Palmer, Sam Jessop and family, Mike Ruthven (Parkinson’s UK), Penny Howell, Tracey Butters, Michael Butters, Melissa Boyden, Sue Boyden, Elaine Beaumont, Helen Hoggan, Susi Walden, Lindsey Harper, Patricia Baker, Christine Pridmore, Delia and Robert Hearmon, Mavis Beeson, Jill and David Taylor, Rhi Clark, Steve Coxhead, Clifford and Ann Rawson, Kath Ashley, Elizabeth and Tony Carnell, Mrs Wright-Green, Keith Wright-Green, The Hall family, Jan Anderson, Coun Mike Cook, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Janice Webb, Andrew and Emma Macrae, the Rev Jane Campbell, Fiona Salvage, the Rev Eric McDonald, Mrs Hill, Steven Hill, Jim Beeson, John Dare, Ralph Michell, Bob Adams, Anne, Kyle and Alice Kinton, Jean Dawson, Michelle Turner, Mr Charles, Mr G. Lewis, Bridget Brown, Margaret Roberts, Bert Phillips, Beryl Walden, Brian Oswin, Alan Robinson, Selwyn Davies, Harry and Margaret Spiers, Peter Millest, Majors Michael and Sheila Warden, Glen Roberts, Len Alliston, Steve Hopkins, Derek Clutterbuck and Nancy, Major and Mrs Pyman, Peter and Noi Walker, Leo Allison, Donna Thomas, Maurice Snowball, Neville McFarlane, Betty Thompson, Joy Fullick, Mike Hammond, Mary Selby, Mrs McKiernon, Mrs Paddock (Elsham Singers), Joan Bowring, Melanie Galtrass, Lindsey Charles, Maralyn Keane, Jeff Wood, Stephen Hewerdine, Maj Marta Ager, Gale Tupper, Pam and Ian Dunkley, Robert and Rosemary Nash, Dave and Mary Wheelhouse, Jean McPhee, Maureen Robinson, Les Martin, Bill Davis, Mrs Ashford, Beryl and Godfrey Lewis, Maj Mildred Crookes, Alexander Hirst and Lynne, the Rev Tony Pick, Ruby Stuckey, Paul Emmett, Mr and Mrs Davies, Mr and Mrs Bell, Bernard Walker, Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Mos, Stephen Doll, Helen Oldham, Jayne Newman and Steven Prendergast, Deborah Holmes, Kathy Caley, Esme and John Sutton, Andy and Esther Maddison, Hermione Farmer, Danielle Farmer, Tanya Thomas, Mr and Mrs Rear, Karen Shelbourn, Joan and Cynthia Prater, Chris Lewington, Brial Hillson, Mike Monaghan, Liz Puxty, Paul Cox and family, Patricia Temple-Fielder, Alex Crowfoot, Ursula Brown, Sheri Rawdon, Adam Rawdon, Marie Rawdon, 
Dorrien Dexter, Judy Payne, Andy Robert, Alan Greenslade, Mayor of Grantham Coun Frank Turner, Ann Mason, Peter Bates, Susan Sulston, the Rev Peter Sulston, the Rev John Ferguson, Zenia Ferguson, Philip Collins, Joshua Deakin and Jason Deakin.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the British Heart Foundation amount to £255 to date.