Obituary: Mr Sam Tracey

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Mr Sam Tracey, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 19.

He was born in Grantham, the son of Deborah and Ian Tracey. He was brother to Ben, Jack and Joe Tracey and the grandson of Terry and Maggie Stones.

Mr Tracey was employed at Totemic, from August 2013 until his death.

His interests included music, photography and art.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland.

Family mourners included: Deborah Tracey, Ben Tracey, Jack Tracey, Joe Tracey, Maggie Stones, Terry Stones, Richard Kinder, Ian Tracey, Liz Podam, and Neil Podam.

Other than the immediate family, mourners included: Alan and Berni Williamson, Liam Gregory, Stewart Jardine, Linda Burt (Grantham Hospital), Wayne Lawton (Grantham Hospital) and Fiona Chapman (Grantham Hospital), Dale Dudley, Joe Dudley, Ben Dudley, Amanda Kelly, Richard Steadman, Annette Le-Hair, James and Laura Philpotts, Anne Smith, Julia Kotyla, Damian Moss, Lesley Rann, Carol Ryans, Clary Hunton, Georgette Beadling, Mimi Bunn, Daniel Botherway, Mr and Mrs Harris, Tricia Sheehy, James Weston, Peter and Karen Ellis, Lisa Johnson, Vicky Rawlinson, Sharon Paynter, Rhona Scott, Julia Sheridan, Karen Martin, Tom Coleman, Arron Dalgleish, Josh Pearce, Paul Robinson, Sarah Eurich, Louise Ellis, Sarah Frisby, Zoe Clarke, Heidi Jeremy, Richard Lake, Keiran Quinn, Evie Black, Kayleigh Smith, Harriet Potterton, Duncan Beddows, Evan Rees, Jaden Brookin, Ashleigh Allen, Claire Allen, Perry Storey, James Hipkiss, Julie Gregory, Julie Redshaw, Chessy Redshaw, Lee Redshaw, Zak Ellis, Keiran Eaton, Ryan Lorne, Louis Richardson, Ryan Baker, Jake Wright, Ben Gregorich, Jack Diment, Angela Blankley, Nikki Masson, Jade Bishop, Helaina Plant, Sam Rodgers, Jordan Heppleston, Mr M. Arab, Michaela Jallow, Charlotte Strong, Louisa Phillips, Miska Gray, Chantelle Brookes, Susan Bradley, Owen Nicholls, Mrs Tracey, Kimberley Tracey, Andy Tracey, Alyson Tracey, Alan Tracey, Suzanne Revill, Josh Lee, Olivia Parr, Vicki Masson, Conor Masson, Pete Gillies, Holly Jarvis, Emma Burridge, Caroline Finlay, Joseph Page, Connie Darby, Andrew Wright, Pete Weston, and Simon Clark.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Meningitis Research Foundation amount to £338.57 to date.