Obituary: Mr Stephen Woollas

Steve Woollas
Steve Woollas
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Mr Stephen Woollas, of Harrowby Road, Grantham, has died. He was 49.

Born in Grantham, he is the son of Sue and the late Adrian Woollas. He has a sister, Alison.

Mr Woollas was educated at St Anne’s Primary School, later moving on to St Hugh’s Comprehensive School. He finished his education at Grantham College.

After leaving college he worked at D. E. Chandler as a manager of the calor gas department. He then moved on to Priory Roofing in Bourne, where he was made contracts supervisor. Following redundancy he worked as a supervisor for Manor Roofing in Market Deeping.

Returning to work in Grantham, he was employed at Padley’s, where he was a team leader. He had also worked at Brakes.

Mr Woollas was then fortunate to obtain a position at Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres, where he worked for the last four years as a fork lift driver, which he really enjoyed and had a good many friends there.

He was a founder member of the Grantham Daytrippers Scooter Club and his passion was his Lambretta scooter.

Mr Woollas enjoyed all sport, especially football, his favourite team being Arsenal Football Club, who he had supported from an early age.

He has three children, Leon, Emily and Jack and he was a loving and devoted dad and thought the world of them.

He was Grandpa to Gracie-Mae and uncle to Mark and Charlotte.

Mr Woollas had a terrific personality and a great sense of humour. He was loved by his many friends and was always the life and soul of the party. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.

The funeral service was held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev David Shenton. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Sue Woollas, Alison and Guy Pratt, Lisa Hoyes, Emily and Jack Woollas, Kay Woollas, Leon Leeson, Lauren West, Debbie Hall, Dan Herbert, David and Dinah Nixon, Steven Knight, Martin Knight, Marjolein Knight, and Anthony Goodge.

Other mourners included: Mark and Jackie Mahoney, Lisa and Annie Miller, Terence Harrison, Ian Cousins, John and Debra White, Ian Button, Honk, Shelley Wormall, Sharon Wormall, Debbie Newman, Simon Morley, Kay and Keith Hoyes, Richard Wood, Carole and Dean Ephgrave, Tim and Di Martin, Charlie McGarvey, Steve Nix, Steven Watkinson, Jasmine Noble, Briony Sparrow, Sean Simpson, Richard Goodrum, Michael Baker, John Pitt, Duncan and Cheryl Topliss, Derek Barrand, Pete Geeson, Tom Morris, Brian Phillips, Mark Desborough, George Desborough, Stephen Brown, Michael Lee, Nigel and Jane Capell, Nigel Kirkby, Christine and Trevor Foss, Lee and Jayne Goodman, Mr and Mrs D. Nixon, Cyril Gutteridge, Dick Sommer, Tony and Barbara Young, Sheila Bird, June Crowther, David Matthews, Mrs J. Hall, Mrs J. Taylor, Mr C. Taylor, Sue Redmile, Carol and Malc Francis, Anita Harris, Ruth Lowis, Andrew Clements, Chris and Maureen Amos, Richard Turner, Michael Couzens, Chris Langham, Janet Watson, Jean Hobson, Susan White, Bev and Clive Leeson, Heidi Cheetham, Alan Hubbards, Wendy Vickers, Adam Lilley, Dave Baxter, Dean Eades, Liam Mills, Duncan Virtue, Gavin Smith, Anne Blankley, Mark and Debbie Mews, Clare Stewart, Chloe Lewis, Miles, Jane and Paul Green, Mark Gibbons, Cliff Turner, Terry Kightley, Marie Jackson, Angela Parkin, Shelley Evans, Mick Evans, Paul Goode, Phil Long, Martin Kelly, Mr and Mrs C. Hardingham, Ann Shaw, Gail Spencer, Philip Smith, Sarah Foss, Pete Baker, Jason Colley, Johnathan Hodkinson, Adam Marong, Shirley Colson (Jackie’s keep fit), Val Heed (Jackie’s keep fit), Richard Payne, Stuart Footitt, Steve Chambers, Chris Gadd, Helen Raynor, Phil Bradley, Richie Wilkinson, Stuart Meadows, Mark Hubbard, Paul Smith, Jamie Gibson, Lawrence Warner, Paul Farrington, Simon and Wendy Smith, Paula Hare, Jo Evans, Nick Caunt, Liz Brighton, Hannah Hagan, Marc Huggins, Heather Vangasse, Samantha Pell, Mr and Mrs M. Perry, Mr A. Connor, Mr K. Ballaam, K. Connor, Mr and Mrs Gibbs, Jill McAndrew, John Vinter, Maureen and Gordon Eales, Karen Grant, Jackie Lee, Sally Quinn, Lee Toulson, Nicola Hoe, Paul Burbidge, Lydia Baxter, Dominic Redmile, Vicky Platts, Lee Coulson, Brendan O’Flaherty, Sally O’Flaherty, Dorothy Nix, Penny Martin, Mark Hughes, Gabber, Martin Ashbee, Kate McGorty, Nick Dobney, Simon Jackson, Mr B. Williams, Marie Veall, Ben Buckberry, Sue Parr, Steve Moffat (Moff), Richard Mulhill (Droop), Mac Raynor, Scott Sargent, Matt Thompson, Ashley Abbott, Patrick Mattison, Richard Taylor, Mark and Michelle Gallagher, Victoria Neal, Kevin Meffen, Rob King, Vic King, Andrew Vangasse, Gavin Birch, Kelvin Compton, Mark Murphy, Gemma Gee, Simon Kieffer, Victoria Foley, Dawn Gray, Angela Clarke, Lyndsey and Damien Lake, Andy Wilkins, Andrew Green, Ian Nettleton, Andrew Fowler, Paul Milne, Hannah Binz, Simon Hart, Darren Heard, Jenny Johnson, Mark Hickling, Paul Phippen, Linda Patterson, Trevor Green, Suzanne Shepherd, Jason Hughes, Lee Shepherd, Shaun Woodward, Ken Woodward, Mark Burrows, Irene Bullock, Karen Gunnell, David Watkin, Molly Gunnell, Jessica Gunnell, Vicky Gunnell, Alan and Jenny Sale, Chris and Vicki Sale, Mick Malley, Sue Copeland, Roland Bridges, Nathan Pickard, John Barrand, Julie Whitworth, Sharon Baker, Pugsey, Geoff Fell, David Phillips, Jacki Auckland, Nick Lee, Margaret Lee, Jason Blackey, Toni Blackey, Carole Leeson, Trevor Leeson, Jill Eaton, Mark Eaton, Gary Johnson, Irene Webb, Nicola Hall, Jonathan Bayliss, Richard Hall, Lisa Hall, Ian Galloway, Alan and Barbara Limb, Janet Leeson, Claire Page, Diane Watt, Alan Christian, Annie Thompson, Frank and Vilma Bachelor, Simon Clay, Rosemary and Paul Raymond, Robert Towle, Simon and Deborah Chambers, Neil Robinson, John Parsons, Gill Shipman, Phil Chesterton, Chloe Clark, Andy Clark, John and Shirley Southgate, Jayne Codd, Andy Fryer, Terri Rogers, Phil Johnson, Tina Perry, Rick Stark, Mr and Mrs P. Berry, Richard, Sylvia and Karen Lewis, Lisa McAuliffe, John Tosh, Minnie and Mick Parke, Jo Cox, Andrew Minckley, Richard Kinder, Andy Fitt, Ben Turner, Neil Saunders, Ian Nicholson, Karen Parker, James and Stuart Meadows, Ellis Brown, Van, Swifty, Mandy Orme, Steve Strychar, John Shaw, Ian King, Angie, Alan and Robert Cox, Jeremy Perdesta, Sharon Leeson, Joe Molly, Charlotte Johnson, Paul Weston, Mr and Mrs Parker, Hazel Cranidge, Mrs C. Beck, Damion Hill, Richard Gibson, Jol Findall, Andy Watson, Simon Biggin, Sarah Layton, Maxine Thorpe, Gary Pearce, Ken and Maureen Robinson, Alison Vessey, Colin Abbs, Steven Hutton, Chris Dexter, Mark Shepherd, Joanna Wayne, Tim Hercock (Managing Director, Vacu-Lug), David Miller, Rich Hockley, Glen O’Meera, Malcolm and Angela Ward, Andrew Cressey, Lawrence Schofield (Vacu-Lug), Kev and Jacob Storey, Jason Cliff, Chris Watson, Rob Plant, Ryan Hughes, Nessa Jackson, Simon Jackson, Mark Fardell, Paul Bellamy, John Glenn, Neil Roworth, Martin Ellis, Claire Watson, Mick Cant, Katherine Hanratty, Geoff Close, Michael Kirkland, Henry Desmond, Chris Kellyman, Peter, Gill, Jack and Rosemary Cornforth, Ian Jackson, Emma Haynes, Thomas Gibson, Steve and Mandy Weatherstone, Tom Keegan, Brenda Rodway, Diane Baker, Andy and Roz Hall, Charlene Hall, Andrew Newcombe, Tracey Carr, Christine and Mick Cragg, Kevin and Annette Williams, Wendy Allen, Mark Cook, Maureen and Bob Robertson, Bob and Caroline and Ian Bargh, Chris Woods (Woody) and Amanda Clater, Simon and Paula Cant, Jamie Danmes, Franz Carr, Mr and Mrs J. McDonald, Chris Sandell, Richard Bunn, Chessy Redshaw, Derrin Papworth, Mr and Mrs Dunk, Sean Chester, Kellie Mahoney, Wayne McDonald, Kev Lyon, Andrew Jockel, Graham Harte, Kellie Scothern, Nigel Milne, Matthew Warren, Lee Towsey, Karen Towsey, Helen Foster, Pam Meadows, Mark Ford, Dean Fardell, Barry Grundy, Dave Williams, Wayne Eaton, Helena Eaton, Steve Turner, Mark King, Phil Tinkler, Steve Webb, Alex Papastylianou, Paul Duller, Graham Cant, Anthony Healy, Neil McBride, Russ Ashby, Johnathan Cammack, Lee Anrate, Kevin and Irene Walsh, Troy McDonald, Tracy McDonald, Amanda Barlow, Zoe Gilbert, Karen Mayfield, Jean Maslin, Glennis Marshall, Keith and Lynn Dawson, Lesley Higgs, G. Orriss, J. Zealand, G. Couzens, Sophie Foss, Jonny Foss, Simon Cole, Jean Parker, Mick Lewis, Sandra Lewis, Annette and Kevin Williams, and all members of the Grantham Daytrippers Scooter Club.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.