Obituary: Mr Victor Humphries

Mr Victor Humphries
Mr Victor Humphries
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Mr Victor Humphries, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, has died in Glenfield Hospital, Leicester. He was 72.

Born in Killymarron, Co Monaghan, Ireland, he was the son of George and Elizabeth Humphries and one of nine children.

He married Heather and they had a son, Philip and subsequently a granddaughter, Charlotte, followed by two great-grandchildren, Evie and Elsie.

Mr Humphries worked at Jamieson’s before joining the Royal Air Force, where he was an electrical engineer.

On leaving the RAF he worked at Grantham Motor Company as an auto electrician and also in reception.

He left BT to work as an administrator in their nursing home, The Heathers.

Mr Humphries enjoyed teaching and playing music, working with wood, walking, dancing, snooker, Formula One motor racing, travel and flying.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: Heather Humphries, Philip Humphries, Donna Warren, Charlotte Humphries and Robert Yates.

Other mourners included: Anne Thornton, Gianni Malagoli, Ken Humphries, Leanne Humphries, Michelle Humphries, Joyce Humphries, Joyce Blackburn, Teresa Brown, Calum Brown, Keith Arnott, Alistair McLachlan, Daniel Belfield, Paul Brown, Ian Ashley, Sean Cleary, Hugh Higgins, Ken Bannister, Alan Kibble, Kari Ramsey, Michael and Anne Mackrell, Michael McKeegan, Sandra Burnett, June Barrett, Nicky Tait, Gerry King, Susan White, Pauline and George Warren, Mr and Mrs Woodward, Shaun Power, Joe McNaught, Gordon Parker, Michael Wainwright, John Ranby, Joe Nelson-Cofie, Brian Huskinson, Mr P. Yallop, Mr and Mrs D. Cook, Janet Griffin, Eileen Smith, David Wright, John Wright, Anne and Aubrey Lyles, Cathy Barr, Bob Melville, Liam Parkman, Sophie Charles, Henry Blackburn, David Jones, Dee Marshall, Joy Helsdon, Kirsteen McDonald (piper), Finlay MacGhee (piper), Sid Bell (piper), Iain Robertson (piper), Andy Edgar (piper), Fiona and Sidney Charles (piper), Sheila Holland, John Barr (piper), Nicky Taite, Derek Johnson, Irene Kendrick, Emily Kendrick, Jennifer Humphries, William Humphries, Dilys Freer, Trevor Humphries, Chris Livingstone, Bill Livingstone, Dawn and Ian Taylor, Emma Taylor, Kelvin and Sue Broderick, Steve and Pat Taylor, Tony and Kate Houseago, Brian Houseago, Gill and Dick Parker, Paul Davison, Heather Drew, Geoff and Jean Abbott, Rita Hodgekiss, Pat and Janet Lee, Mr and Mrs M. Yallop, Kyle Yallop, Edward and Daphne Yallop, Janet Briggs, Sylvia Buxton, and Jo Green.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the coronary care unit at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester.