Obituary: Mrs Audrey Graham

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Mrs Audrey Graham, of Caythorpe, has died in Haywood House Hospice, Nottingham. She was 79.

Mrs Graham was born in Langwith, Nottinghamshire.

She was the wife of John, mother to David and Kay and grandmother to Emily, Adam and Esme.

Her hobbies and interests included modern history (especially World War Two), travel, gardening and writing poetry.

The funeral service was held at St Vincent’s Church, Caythorpe, conducted by Archdeacon Brian Lucas.

Family mourners included: John Graham, Kay Graham, Paul Beckett, David Graham, Elaine Graham, Emily Graham, Rob Petto, Adam Graham, Claire Chaloupka, Roy Grainger, Andrew Phipps, Julie Phipps, Laura Phipps, Robert Phipps, Amy Phipps, Barrie Kinsey, Jennifer Cluer, and Stephen Cluer.

Other mourners included: Brenda Smith, Jenny Perring, Joanna Le Gleud, Emma Sasai, John Shardlow, Chris Shardlow, Maureen Jackson, Kathy Carter, Darren Leafe, Roger Stahel, Diana Stahel, Ken Milner, Grace Milner, Richard Dix, Sue Dix, Janet Hoddell, Diana Hammond, Jamie Windle, Vicky Windle, Glyn Johnson, Paul Johnson, Barry Jones, Audrey Redford, Mike Eyett, Teresa Smalley, Carol Blackburn, Bill Blackburn, Ann Gibson, Joy Lucas, Denis Rosington, Gill Rosington, Joyce Levesley, Trevor Lawrence, Julia Tinkler, David Smeeton, John Morrissey, Jane Morrissey, Caroline Finn, June Breeze, Arthur Breeze, Veda Sabin, John Sabin, John Coulson, and Suzanne Wills.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Haywood House Hospice.