Obituary: Mrs C. Eldred

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Mrs Christine Eldred, of Gregory Close, Harlaxton, has died at home. She was 82.

Mrs Eldred was born in Ropsley.

She leaves her husband, Nev, and children Jane, Richard and Sally, along with grandchildren Tonicha, Marsha, Abbie, Katie, Tony and Mark.

Mrs Eldred had lived in Harlaxton for most of her life. The majority of her working life was spent at BMARC.

Her hobbies included cooking, knitting and she enjoyed spending time with her family.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland. Burial followed in Harlaxton.

Family mourners included: Nev Eldred, Sally Eldred, Richard Eldred, Jane Sharpe, David Sharpe, Abbie Eldred, Katie Eldred, Tonicha Eldred, Marsha Eldred, Tony Towning and Mark Towning.

Other mourners included: Charles Warriner, Terry and Jenny Boyle, Paul Gadd, Sandra Pope, Alan and Val Bedells, Bernard and Margaret Stanger, Audrey and Bob Farnsworth, Carol Lord, Gill, John and Kelly Hoyes, Keith Banfield, Mr and Mrs J. Hodson, Tony and Carole Redford, Ken Willets, Carol Kettle, Joyce Winters, David Robinson, Mr and Mrs Banfield, Jane Bratton, Lindsey Towning, Colin Palmer, Pat Moore, Sally and Jez Goodwin, Paul Cotton, Peter Chalk, Glenys and Trevor Eldred, Margaret and Barry Sandall, Janet Leeson, Beryl Gibbs, Kayley Eckersley, Jennifer Pitt, Mr and Mrs Tiernan, Keith Eldred, Carole Musgrave, Marc Eldred, Deborah Jacques, Simon Laywood, Valerie Burns, Pam Wilkinson, Sarah Gadsby, Daniel Perry, Liz Gadsby and Mr and Mrs Wade.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.