Obituary: Mrs D. A. Watkin

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Mrs Dorothy Ann Watkin, of Green Street, Great Gonerby, has died in Qu’Appelle Care Home, Bourne, Lincolnshire. She was 84.

Born in Stamford, she was the daughter of Vic Pell, a former Grantham Journal photographer.

She was the widow of the late Alec Watkin, mother to Janet and Maggie, and grandma to Helen, Hannah, David and Ellie.

Mrs Watkin had worked in a solicitor’s office in Stamford and later was clerk to Goldings Auctioneers in Grantham. She spent 25 years working in the Electricity Board showroom in Grantham.

Her interests included Scottish country dancing, oil painting, knitting and sewing.She enjoyed caravanning with her husband and her family.

The Rev Peter Hopkins conducted the funeral service at Great Gonerby Church. Creamtion followed and her ashes will be placed in Great Gonerby, where she and Alec lived for over 60 years.

Family mourners included: Janet and Christopher Lambert, Margaret Monaghan, Donal Monaghan, Hannah Lambert, Daniel Ashmore, John Dean, Helen Lambert, Adam Joslin, Ellie Monaghan, and David Monaghan.

Other mourners included: Mary Bowden, Alan Hubbard, Keith Meadows, Gordon Tayton, Graham Harrison, Nigel Hubbard, Derek Hill, William Cragg, Jackie Cole, Colin Abbs, Sue Topps, Ray Wilson, Wendy Atter, Pat Dixon, Pat Sentance, Liz McLean, Bernard Walker, Pearl and Clive Jeffrey, Terry and Sue Whitford, Tim and Margaret Fisk, Jane Dainty, Anne Watchorn and Martine, Gina and Abby (Qu’Appelle Care Home).

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Stroke Association.