Obituary: Mrs Doreen Margaret Abbs

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Mrs Doreen Margaret Abbs, of Bridge End Grove, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 75.

She was born in Grantham.

She started work at Gray and White accountants at the age of 15 and remained there until her retirement.

Her interests included reading, cross stitch, television and games.

The funeral service was held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham.

Family mourners included: Colin Abbs, Deane and Sally Abbs, Deborah and Andrew Glenn, Laura Glenn and Robert Harris, Matthew and Annabel Glenn, Zoe Abbs and Glen Orchard, Cindy and Phil Dodd, Michael and Kirsty Dodd, James and Zoe Dodd.

Other mourners included: John Driver, Anne Laxton, Keith and Sue Abbs, Adrian and Lynn Abbs, Vince Abbs, Megan Abbs, Lucy Abbs, Tony and Valerie Bembridge, Graham Evans, Glenis Marshall, Mr and Mrs Hinde, Richard Laxton, June and Brian Hanson, Graham Ryder, Julian and Judith Mik, Nadine Wright, David Matthews, Nicholas Abbs, Nick and Tina Stacey, Alan Ashwin, Ray and Ann Howlett, Isabel Baker, Michael J. Lockton, Mr and Mrs Boyle, Mary Earle, Paul Carter, Louisa Bryant, Roy and Jill Church, Jennifer Reid, Sue Woollas, Carolyn Turner, Joanne Abbs, Mr and Mrs Dunne, Julia Sproston, Barry Rowland, Hazel Bains, Angela and Malcolm Ward, Mr and Mrs R. Nash, June Jakes, Eddie and Ann Hannant, Margaret Hudson, Beryl Nicholson, Barry and Barbara Ashwin, Mr and Mrs J. Glenn, Mr and Mrs Matthews, Steve Thomson, Eric Thomson, Karen Norman, Eileen and Bernard Vessey, Caroline Laxton, Jackson Richardson, Mark Scott, Rhona Scott, Carol Doncaster, Patricia Henderson, Alexandra Abbs, Lesley Abbs, Katherine Hanratty, Carolyn Ashwin, Dennis and Pearl Church, and Coralie Mendham.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.